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First blog
cool. i just created an account here. feel free to add me.. insane for gerard!!
New Album :D
Who's all excited for the New MCR album!?! I can't wait for the title of it to be revealed and I totally can't wait for it to come out already! I'm very impatient lol, and it's driving me nuts to have to wait. XD So far I've only heard three of the new songs. 1. Death Before Disco 2. The Drugs 3. Kiss The Ring I love them all! and I'm jelous of everyone that lives in Australia and is going to Soundwave. That tour sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to have My Chemical Romance back on tour in the US! I miss them and I just can't wait to hear more from them! :D
Hello =)
Well, I'm new to this blog posting thing, never really done it before. I'm not exactly sure what to say. I kind of wanted to make my first blog post about something interesting, though I don't think that's going to happen. Hehe. So, I'm pretty excited about this, and I would really love to make some friends here. Though I'm kind of shy, but once I get to know you (and you me) I'll chat pretty openly. So, add me?? xoxo Frankie
Titling A Blog Post, How Tedious.
Hmm I'm really just going to SCREAM AT NOTHING IN PARTICULAR HERE. Basically my internet is all screwy, mostly because my family has been playing too many freaking games on facebook. Then my sister's like 'don't play any games Alex,' then starts watching anime! Annoying... Anyway, the internet's screwy so I'm like, not able to upload pictures. This is INSANELY annoying. I want my avatar back. And I want to eat some rocky road. In other news I need to do an assignment on Catherine Hill Bay. Fun.
kind of random...
So I was just thinking...lately in school we have been talking about chemicals in science, and you know that little speech thingy that randomly changes when you reload the page that's postioned laterately to the far upper left, just under the huge banner My Chemical Romance? yeah... sometimes it says with 50% more chemicals right? well...I can't get that phrase out of my head, and it isnt really helping when the only word thats repeated in your head is chemical chemical chemical 24/7...but...its okay!
Hey! you guys..for me its been years since i've logged in, but now im here and trying to blog again. hahhaa. I didnt know that wasnt open to public. wow. So yeah whats up with me lately?? uhmm, i joined Tennis this not doing so great but im trying, getting some help from the boys (MyChem) they help me alot like any of you guys. ;) The month or so at a new High School has been chill, i found some friends to hang out with.
Hey There.
What to say, what to say? Nothing, I guess. Just that I'm really happy to finally have an account and stuff :3 So, to end this blog (which I don't think should be counted as a blog. It's only a few sentences), I DON'T EVEN KNOW. /this is not legit blogging material.
*O* yeah!
hey! *O*
why do minds wonder to such strang places?
so i got back from the movies i saw zombieland and now im trying to do my homework but i cant focuse i keep thinking wouldnt be kool to be the last 4 ppl on erth u kno kick major zombie ass then my mind wonder to this comic im drawing then i stared to think about if i would survie in a horror movie then i thought about wat my friend jj did today cuz it wwas hella funny then i thought i want to play my bass instead of doing my math then i thought about something frankie said in the life on the murder scene video diary well i thought i shoul share with u wat im thinking about k well love
Born Anew
Hello all fans of my chem. My name is Dj Nitz, 17 yr old male. My chem has been my favorite band since the album three cheers for sweet revenge was in stores. Surprisngly, I never get tired of their songs whereas other bands I do. Granted, I was not too in love with The Black Parade, it WAS good. Just in my opinion nowhere near as epic as Three Cheers. I mean when listening to Black Parade, it felt like i had already heard different versions of those songs. They just sounded similar. But i still like the album. Bullets is amazing too, I love the song Early Sunsets in Monroeville.