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Woo! Blog! Too much enthusiasm?...Thought So.
Wow, now that I'm writing the blog, I have no idea what in the hell to write about....So I'll just say I'm glad we (MCR fans) can now have accounts on their site. Totally kick ass.
Hi people.
Hey people, what's up? I'm REALLY bored right now.
Hello =)
first blog...) don't know what to say =) just...hello people!) glad to be here)) today was such a strange day...) I bored and I want to sleep) but....I have to do my fuckin' homework! Ahh...I hate school!) but I'm listening to mcr....and...try not to fall asleep...=))
Hazelnut..or...French Vanilla??
Idk i personally like French Vanilla, and i couldn't think of anything to blog about for my first blog...soooo
Currently confused >_< !
Just trying to get the hang of things. How do I upload pictures? Here is my atempt at sharing a video, cross your fingers and lets hope this works:
YAY!!!! I'M HAPPY!!!!!
Vamos a hacer amigos...
Regroupement de fans français !
Oh s'il vous plaît, chers concitoyens français... rassurez moi, dîtes moi que je ne suis point la seule française à m'être inscrite ici ! (bon en même temps j'en doute mais... on ne sait jamais u_u) Non mais genre on pourrait faire... la secte des fans français de My Chemical Romance hinhinhin. Non? Bon... ok. N'empêche que je veux savoir s'il y a d'autres français par là.
I fEEl Like A fReaK wHen I THINK of You That WaY
First Blog. I Don't know what to write.. :( _._ waste of blog --.----
Among the top 10's
Oh, so apparently it's free to register for everyone now. Which is kind of cool I guess but it feels a bit strange. Well what if someone just made an account even though they hate my chem, just to write bad things about them. We'll just have to hope that nobody's got enough spare time to do that. I'm a bit curious though. What country has the most My Chem fans. Obviously it's a rather tricky question for an average person to answer, but it's still interesting. It's probably the States.