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Hello MCR World xD (hola mundo xD)
Primero de todo, saludar Hola Mundo!!! ^.^ Después de esta tontería, voy a lo que importa... hablar de mí!
2 year anniversary of...
The Black Parade's death. Today is October 7th, 2009. I can't believe the Black Parade has really been "dead" for 2 years. R.I.P. (I sound so dramatic) haha
can u keep a secret
new stuff!
omg mcr needs new stuff rite!?
Did you say Cakes???
First blog, MCR. Are. Amazing
7th October 2009 Hey First blog... I'm in the top 10,000 members XD that'll be something to look back on in 20 years 'I was on the internet wayyyyy too much' Gah. I think I have O.MCR.D Obsessive My Chemical Romance Disorder Eat. Sleep. Think.
Can i...
EAT YOUR BRAIN?????!! :D nom nom nom :3
Hi My name is Bethany! I play the keyboard and Im learning to play the guitar! I also write poetry and I am an artist, I like drawing comics most! I have tried drawing real people but i still need to practice at that! I am also a singer I love to sing and I've been told that instead of choosing a career in filmmaking that I should be a singer which maybe one day i will be a singer since Music is one of my many passions! Thats some stuff about me I guess that is enough for now until I find something incredibly awesome soon!
why not?
god! what can i say.........i love music. from motley crue to rob zombie. when people say to me "your weird" i reply "i know" hell while i'm at it i might as well be me right? i mean who cares what people think. i know i sure don't. so why worry about what people think when you can be your self. why not live a little?
First day
Looks like this will be one of my new favorite websites to visit. Horray for public registration!! Anyway, a little about me for those that may want to 'become friends'. -My name is Dallas -Call me DiZZy, it's my nickname -I'm nearly 16 -I'm bisexual -Don't like it? Deal. -Call me any stereotype you want, I don't give a damn. I don't do labels anyway. -Call me a bitch for not adding you as a friend, well you can just suck a fat one. You're the bitch for calling me a bitch and being unreasonable. -Any questions? Ask me.