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Hello. My name's Francesca. You can call me Frankie or Cheese. Yes. I know. Weird nickname. ha Some people even call me Frank... but that's usually when they're freakin' drunk. It's hilarious! I'm an Art Student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It's my second year here. One and a half to go! My soul has been taken from me. Eaten. And puked onto the floor. That's school for you... I'm reading Plato's Republic right now. It's really interesting actually. :) Life's good! How are you guys doing? By the way. Drinking bad. MMkay!? Now where's that captain hiding? O_o
Bands I enjoy :D
My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, LeATHERMØUTH, Mindless Self Indulegence, Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Burn Halo, Muse, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, Attack Attack!, Black Veil Brides, Of Mice & Men, HIM, Placebo, Underøath, A Skylit Drive, Modern Day Escape, The Misfits, The Agonist, RX Bandits, Blessthefall, Alesana, A Day To Remember, The Word Alive, Falling In Reverse, System Of A Down, Seether, Metallica, Slipknot, Walls Of Jericho, In This Moment, 36 Crazy Fists, Three Days Grace, Sonny Moore, From First To Last, Mastadon, The Ramones, Atreyu, I
Procrastination central
Lucky for me my Accounting Professor had a death in the family so no class tomorrow! Which means less homework to do tonight. So far I’ve tackled 85% of my physics but I still have to calc. homework/study an econ homework/study. I’ve been “working on homework” since 930, which was about 3.5 hours ago. Somewhere along the line I started watching Sons of Anarchy.
Hmm well I was almost suspecting that The blog was not too happy to work along woth me when I apparently spammed? xD But then I realized that I was witing THIS in the description haha FIGURES! XD We'll I'm actually on a very good mood today ( who wouldn't bee, when you can be a member here now :D) Oh S*** my school starts in about 15 mins! woops (A) Gotta go xoxo Linda
Who's excited for Soundwave 2010?
So My Chem are playing Soundwave 2010. I have a feeling it's going to be ....awesome. I can't wait for this new album, I think it's going to be another reinvention of themselves, keeping what they are at heart in there, but making it sound new at the same time. Soundwave next year has a great lineup, it will coolcookies. Besides MCR, we've also got Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Realestate,Faith No More, Enter Shikari, Anti-Flag and a flood of other great bands Also....what do you think: will the album be released before, after or at the time of Soundwave?
OMG!!!!! THIS IS SO TOTALLY AWESOMERIFICLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!! Anywhoooooo.... My head hurts and I've been taking meds for it but they aren't working. I'm trying to have fun with life right now, but what I've done is causing me to not have as much fun as I want. Can't wait till I'm 18. Then I get to live with my daddy. YAY ME!!! and oh gosh!!! HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!! I'll be in Florida though visiting family that might not more than likely celebrate the wonderful holiday. I'm totally stocked though that the fantasmic holiday is coming.
Reencuentro de Chemicaleros
Cuantos ya han hecho su sueño realidad y han visto a my chemical romance tocando en vivo Acaso no es maravilloso y lo mejor que les pudo pasar en sus malditas vidas? Se siente de lo mejor!!!! Yo los vi en Venezuela el 27 de febrero de 2008 ya casi 2 años y espero que regresen de nuevo ;D Hoy es un dia especial para todos los chemicaleros asi que no podemos olvidar la fecha en que my chemical romance nos dejo entrar en su blog, definitivamente un exelente regalo mientras esperamos con ansias su 4to disco el cual sabemos que va a estar increible porque se han esmerado bastante estos chicos..
Intro *~*

I am the one they call The Mistress of Sadistic Destiny, And I am a high school student hoping to eventually become a Sensory Psychologist . I love MCR because their music gives me hope, keeps me strong, and ensures that I'll always CARRY ON.
If you don't beleive me, than look, here:


I have been on earth since 1994, meaning that I am now 15 years old.
I have loved MCR since the very beginning, and I must say they have most definitely saved my life. . Aside from My Chem, I also listen to Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Death Cab For Cutie, Aiden, Daughtry, Paramore, Green Day,
Ignore this, I can update my profile now :D