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to crsyatlsromance666
hey! sorry i have no idea how to reply directly to your message lol! if you know please share :D I started listening to mcr aroung the same time as you really, i remeber when the im not okay video was on too. i oddly enough remember thinking "damn that singer has nice hair i didnt know men grew their hair long like that" lol! whats you favorite song? thanks for replying btw :D sarah.x when someone replys to your friend request are they automatically on your friends list or do you have to "fully add" them?
Dead! Music Video
[Unofficial Music Video] Wouldn't it be grand?
This is SO AWESOME. I love that people can make accounts on this oh, so spectacular site now! I just hope I actually remember to actually get on this thing on a daily basis. lol. :)
Okay then!!
Well!! Im excited about this, anyone can add me!!
I dunt understand this 0_O
This Rocks! But man waiting on this new album is killin' me...
Frankie Replied To Me On Twitter!
If your following Frankie on twitter, i am GiveEmHell_Kid, and i was mentioned by him in one of his status updates. i am VERY lucky :) Follow Me :D
I got the best name!!
So suprised it wasnt taken already :D
So hi there =]
New site seems awesome :D glad it's finally open =]
Yesterday was a day I was waiting for...
When fans can finally make an account! I screamed when I found out. Hypervenalated (?) actually. Well, I almost did. I would've gotten kicked out of the library if I did...I would've been able to do that if my computer wasn't a jerk. I would've screamed my lungs out. School would go by a lot slower without my iPod. It would've meant going almost a whole day without MCR. That would be horrible. Anyways, good bye. I'm being kicked off of the interweb/computer by my superiors at school.