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My Weight...
I was analyzing myself in the mirror just a minute ago, and I guess my weight isn't thatbad. I'm not a stick or anything, but I'm certainly not that fat. I can lose more if I wanted, but I honestly don't care. I will not let my looks solely define me. I'm glad I'm finally becoming more self-confident in my looks, despite all the crap I've received for them. I don't think of myself as a completely hideous monster anymore for the most part. Now to get over my other self-confidence issues...
Diggin' it.
nighty night x]
just gettin the hang of this dont kno how to add friends tho :/ but goodnight ppl of the world!! ////_x)
This is me :]
Isn't it great? Everyone
is just me or I believe that this is an excellent idea? Anyway benefits are largely for the fans, not only for being more in contact with the Mychem's guys if not because it is possible to see the magnitude of the fans around the world, but well the point is... hello MCR Community! Another thing ... are you anxious for what they prepare for us, I mean the MCR's projects for the next year? I am exited I can't wait for the new album! xoxo O!
The Umbrella Academy
Anyone here fans of The Umbrella Academy Comic Books? THEY ARE WRITTEN BY GERARD WAY!!! And I just recently purchased the Second Limited Edition Hardcover of the second series! XOXO Jayl1016 P.S. Add Me
fans: ADD ME!!
ok im sure that like 50 people have probobly said this in the last 2 mins. already but i need to practice making blogs and i really need to know... when is their new album coming out. or at least what is the title of it or some of the songs titles might be ect.
Hey guys
I wanna me some people. Send me comment or request and lets begin the chit chat. :D
I CAN'T believe THIS!
THIS IS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!xDDD!! i'm on the mcr's page!!!*-*♥