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LOL watch this it's funny this one is too... sorry, just found these and they made me laugh ^_^
okeei, let's start with this...
hey!! first of all.. waaa, it's awesome that we can have an account here isn't it?? :D i'll get so excited when i read the notice so i enter to the page and here i am xDD dunno.... i hope i can make good friends here ^^ uuuh my inspiration is gone .__. so i think that's all in this time (i didn't say something interesting i know xD) see you! x0x0.-
Pokemon: The First Movie
Okay so my sisters are watching the first movie of Pokemon. You know, the one where Mewtwo decides that he's going to destroy the world to compensate for his incredibly small penis. Anyway, he starts taking all the Pokemon and going apeshit telekinesis on the world's ass and starts battling 'clones' and steals a heap of Pokemon. So I decided to make a few observations. I didn't watch all of it, but here's what I thought. Wouldn't the Pokemon league like, not allow a Pokemon to be a trainer? He stole heaps of Pokemon.
hey MCRmy! My name is Anna and I'm addicted to MCR -_- BUT PROUD!!!! =D Im so fucking excited cause Im seeing MCR at Soundwave cause I live in Australia its gonna been wicked awesome cause I have never been to a even for the Wiggles :( But now for the first time I get to see the one and only My Chemical Romance!!! *dramatic music while I stare up into the sky* Im gonna dress up as Frankie cause Ive only had the chance to do that ONCE! Im also getting a MCR Black Parade Jacket for Christmas so is my BEST friend Bella who is also a MCR super fan!
first blog
hey everyone (: i'm a new member so i honestly just wanted to say hi :D i'm nice so add me if you please,..i don't bite. . . . often thought i'd keep this one short and sweet :) xoxo
Ray's take on elitism
"We've always seen elitism as a negative thing, even before there were fans.
soundwave 2010.
I am SO pumped it's not even funny! My Chemical Romance are going to be amazingaaaa! Going to be the best time ever. A xo.
Confessions of a soccer mom
yup. I am a soccer mom. And it only took me three years of watching my daughter play to admit that. Something I never thought or wanted to be. I love my daughter more than life itself and would go to the ends of the earth for her...but I have a confession. I don't really like kids much. I mean I don't yell at them to get off my lawn or throw balls at their heads or anything but I never had the patience for them. Although I did my fair share of babysitting...I hated it. But it's money. I never saw myself as a mom because of that. But eventually I wanted a child..and did and she's wonderful.
Sobre Mi...About Me
interests :P
pet: huntsmen size of my palm :P cocoa