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Music posts.
Here are some of my favourite bands, check 'em out.
Midnight and still no sleep O.O
I think I have I can't sleep unless I'm REALLY tired and pass out...anyways....I'm bored :| Anyone else out there bored and wanna talk?
Wedding Bells and Hand Gernades
I stumbled across the song Safe and Sound this morning while looking up youtube videos and whatnot. Needless to say I was in complete utter shock. I cant believe I had not heard it sooner! It has made my whole day (which consisted of me walking aimlessly around my backyard and my house) Anyways for those who dont know what Safe and Sound is, its a song that was made for the purpose of being put on the Final Fantasy Advent Children Compliation. Which by the way I love final fantasy. And it is a song where gerard and kyosuke sing together.
Help me, please!!!
Okay, so today i went to the most 'prestigious' CD shop in my country (of the name JBHiFi, I don't know if it's international) and they said production of Bullets was stopping. Please, everyone, wherever in the world you are, go searching for I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love at your local CD shop, and if they don't have it, please find out what's happening! If anyone reads this, I will keep you posted about what's happening and what I know is going on. (I'm a total snoop so I will get to the bottom of this, even if I fail my Levels this year)
Okay, heey :) I'm new to the whole blogging thing, i think its great that now the fans can blog too :) i would appreciate it if you see this that you will talk to me, i like meeting new people :) i'm off to get my eyebrows waxed now xD gee xo
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Try that again!
Hello ;)
First blog... nothing to say :) add me? jaja
Lol to The Max!
I found this and had a good old fashioned laugh.
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ALL THE WAY!!! =) my god i cant stop thinking of mcr!! im in loveeeee
Hello to everybody that is on. Its kinda late (not for me though) and I'm really bored with nothing to do. So now I'm just sitting here hoping someone will read this and want to talk. So, if you want to talk PLEASE talk to me!!! please....