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why do minds wonder to such strang places?
so i got back from the movies i saw zombieland and now im trying to do my homework but i cant focuse i keep thinking wouldnt be kool to be the last 4 ppl on erth u kno kick major zombie ass then my mind wonder to this comic im drawing then i stared to think about if i would survie in a horror movie then i thought about wat my friend jj did today cuz it wwas hella funny then i thought i want to play my bass instead of doing my math then i thought about something frankie said in the life on the murder scene video diary well i thought i shoul share with u wat im thinking about k well love
Born Anew
Hello all fans of my chem. My name is Dj Nitz, 17 yr old male. My chem has been my favorite band since the album three cheers for sweet revenge was in stores. Surprisngly, I never get tired of their songs whereas other bands I do. Granted, I was not too in love with The Black Parade, it WAS good. Just in my opinion nowhere near as epic as Three Cheers. I mean when listening to Black Parade, it felt like i had already heard different versions of those songs. They just sounded similar. But i still like the album. Bullets is amazing too, I love the song Early Sunsets in Monroeville.
Thought I'd introduce myself... My name is Jaimy. My hair is naturally red. Blue eyes. etcetc. Melbourne, Australia is where I live. My Chemical Romance are everything to me.
So, this is pretty cool, I gotta say. I love reading the MCR blog and their Twitters and stuff. It's nice to see that they're just normal, down-to-earth guys doing what they love and letting their fans get in on it. And I'm pretty sure it's the understatement of the century to say that I am excited for the new album. Each album is even better than the last, so I can't wait to see/hear what's coming next. Also pretty pumped since a new album means a new tour, and as much as I love the studio albums, NOTHING compares to seeing them live. Pretty freaking amazing.
Hi everyone =3
HEY, FRANKIE! BOB! MIKEY! GEE! RRAAAY!!! please? Birthday Wish.
crap i missed a day. 9 days till my birthday. anyway. i know its a lost cause because the boys never checked these blogs even BEFORE this was open to the public. all i want for my birthday is some sort of acknowledgement form you, boys. xoxo Kim
Willow the WonderMidget
So I was skimming through some posts by the guys, and I came across one by...I think it was Gerard about the movie Willow. This just made my day. For years I've been making very obscure Willow jokes, and NO ONE gets them because APPARENTLY, NO ONE has seen that movie, which is possibly one of the the most AMAZINGLY AWESOME movies EVER. For those of you who don't know what Willow is about, or have never even heard of it (shame on you) then I will inform you.
This is how everyone starts in a new community. With a clean profile and no friends, well I welcome myself to my new Facebook based in people who love music and my favorite band. I will late post a blog about how used should the MCR members be about people telling them how they are their favorite band. They are amazing I know , as lame as it sounds , a MCR fan know that that is what you would really want to tell some of the MCR guys. Yeah, welcome dude... Be my guest
Hi everyone!
i can't believe it! like all! this is the amazing idea ever!! i'm from argentina!!! i want the new album come out!!
Finally, after all this time, i wanted to register when mcr finally updated, but it owuldnt let me. so now i did....... and well YAY... hehe