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Staplers are meannnnnnn.
jusT want to say hi:]
im knda shy just like to say my chemical romance is a fucking incredibile band, i have loved them sence i was 13yrs old and i cant fucking wait for ur guys new music!! i love each nd every single one of guys
IM new
add me pls..;)ty
My first blog in here!
Hello! This is my first post...i really dont know what to write at the moment...hmmm ,but here are some my favourite bands what i like to listen...But MCR always be number 1 for me.
Someone new
Hi! My name is Lena and i'm from Russia. I badly speak English so don't be surprised if i write something incorrectly. I'm a big fan of My Chemical Romance and I want to talk to those who love them too. :)
I have been given the opportunity to be a published Author apparently. I entered a writing competition and they got back to me, said that I was still in the running to win and that I was given the opportunity to publish the story. Of course we don't know whether or not they said that to everyone or to people that they actually enjoyed the stories of. I dunno.
Ummm Wow.
I just got back from the hospital because of my ear. I had the cartlage pierced Sunday by some dude in Myrtle Beach and I REALLY don't think he knew what he was doing because yesterday when I got home from Church, it was purple. So my dad had to take me to the hospital where they made us wait for 3 hours before they called me to the back, then when I got to the back they gave me these 4 HUGE pills. 2 of them were anti-biotics for the swelling in my ear to go down and the other 2 were some kind of pain pills. Those last two are still working quite well.
Looking for friends
Man I never thought I would see the day when the secret code would be unlocked to get on here. Currently I have no friends so please friend request me I am open to friendships with everyone.
Hi there! I just posted a blog! :)
so how do blog???? this is my frist time