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Syndicate content membership FTW!
w00t! is finally a community! Un-luckily, my town is a prep-tastic suburbia of rich aber-zombies who wrinkle their noses and say "My Chemical Romance? Ewwh! They're icky and goth and depressing emos!" In which case I usually stomp on their pastel pink, flip-flopped toes and run. XD Hopefully I'll find some kindred spirits here! ^__^
What has the world come to??
i just thought this was funny lol
FINALLY! Been waiting for ages to get an account!
SO... I've been waiting since June to get an MCR account... God that took a long time!! lol that's ok though, because it's here now and that's all that matters. I am one of the biggest crziest My Chemical Romance fans you will ever meet. Although I've never attended a concert (UNFORTUNATELY DX) I'm dreaming of going to one.
HELLO it great this is finally open my first my chem blog wooooooo sexy
I just love this photo and this blog! much love MCR
I just love this photo and this blog! much love MCR
Tell me is it so, all the good girls go to heaven?? Well heaven knows.....
Yeah im listening to MCR. And im back for Blog number 2. Ryan must be mentioned coz hes cool(h) Yeah my emoticons arent working on my best mate Mintys profile:( Sucks really. Since my "lol" emoticon has gone. Mwhahahaa Ryan cant see me in the Samba vid HA! Sorry in Music in Year 10 if you took BTEC you have to do Samba. My year (year 11) first year to do it so our videos of it can be used to embarrass us forever and ever. Thank you so much. Double Music tomorrow hahaha.
hello fellow mcr fans
hey there guys im new on this thing, but i made one, soooo help me out on here will ya? im a realy friendly person who lovesss mcr, i dont judge anyone and i love skittles. ill be on here alot soooo talk to meh
I'm so happy we can all finally make accounts on this glorious website! Yay! and imma be on here every single day, no doubt. So friend me people! I'm saying please!
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