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CD Wrappings -_-
alright i seriously LOVE the new paramore album but i seriously HATE buying Cd's anymore!i mean,what the hell is up with the stickers on the cd?!?!?! as if the plastic wasn't enough?! know...i really hate that but i have no idea why i'm blogging about it lmao but annyyyway....i FINALLY made an account on here and i love it haha other random stuff....ummmm let's seee...what else can i blog about lol well,i take a culinary arts course in school and i threw a tomatoe at somebody today : ) lmao alright...i'll be bak with a new crazy and random blog later lol xoxo,Brianna
Zombies? Oh my!
Well...this is new. I just thought I'd check this out. =) Good day.
My Chemical Romance
the best part....
is that MCR are giving us this fuckin' blog (or whatever that is xD) to support them =D
High Hopes
Anyone who knows me is well aware of my obsession with MCR. i call it obsession because there really is no other word for it. It's not like i'm all teary-eyed over the beautiful body of Gerard Way or Frank-weird-last-name, really i cant stand people like that. they're strangers, you dont knooow them! However, i absolutley looooove the music they produce. really, it keeps me sane. the lyrics are just incredibly clever in the epic, poetic way. the vocals are so unique, G.W.'s voice is like a boyscout gone grimreaper. the instrumental is just downright impressive.
yayyyy =]
i love the MCR site even more now x]!!!
New here :]
Hey everyone! Just joined here and want to talk to somebody about mychem... or something else LOL XO!
I don't Understand.
why come on an MCR site, and your name is Hannah Momtans fan? not to put you out there or anything...but why? I just don't understand.Please expalin to me why?????????? :] No hard feelings!
Hii everyone!!! xP (especial pa loz fans mexicanoz xd)
Looking friends xDD n better if u think that MCR is NOT EMO!!! =D
Hannah is awesome.