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gerard the gazelle
And about time too :)
They're done with the tracking! And they've moved onto the mixing! Which is awesome, very awesome, specially considering how long we've had to wait, and that 'Death before Disco' is supposed to be their 'Born to Run'... But is anyone else finding that the pictures are making it very very difficult to like the band for the music and not for the looks?? I do try, but they make it so damn hard :/ Oh, and this is my first blog. How bloody typical xD. You gotta love 'em. By the way, does anyone know how long roughly it takes a record to come out after tracking? xo
My fave MCR song
my fave song is Im Not Ok (I Promise) i love it so much. the lyrics, the video, all of it especially because its Bobs first video
Well, I think I could get used to have blog here on Mcrs webbsite. It has been a great day and tomorrow is friday so it can only get better! right now I'm just watchinh Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles. I'm kind of bored but I have to go to bed soon... school tomorrow (the bus leaves at 6:20 am -.-). well, dinner's waiting... Good night everyone!!
Meanings Of Songs?
I want to know the meanings of the MCR songs, because I know that some of them are close to Gerard personal life or something. Here the songs that i know the meanings of (Not many at all >:D) I'm Not Okay :- At highschool Gerard liked this girl, but skanky photos of her and boyfriend got spread around. So he was heartbroken at that. Famous Last Words :- Mikey got really depressed during the making of The Black Parade and was wanting to leave.
Thanks MCR
I just wanted to officially thank MCR for saving my life. I honestly wouldn't be here today without their music. I love yall...really :3
Good Morning! (actually it's the afternoon. Whatever.)
Hello! My day so far has been utterly boring. It's rainy and nasty outside... So I've wasted my life away on this computer. And that has made me even more bored. So if you don't really mind helping out, maybe you guys could give me some suggestions on what to do with my time. Thanks! XO ~Ritsuka-Chan
i dont have a clue what i'm doing here :/
I hate..
War Poetry. I don't care what people think of the war these days, English Lit lessons with one of my two teachers are starting to depress me immensley.