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So, halloweens coming up (yay!), and I'd love to here what you guys have planned and what you're all gonna wear. I'm going over my friends house; its awsome, the whole house is decorated like mad, and they put tombstones in the front yard and everything. Im going as a lepord this year (being ginger kinda helps with the camoflauge lmao) but next year im dressing up lyk mcr, with the whole black outfits with red ties, and of course the great eye make! So what are you guys going as? x-x-x-x
I'm just in a good mood now ^_^ YAY! .... .... I'm really happy fo sho haha
First blog!!
Hello everyone! I'm Kami (well, my real name is Maria but I don't like it). I'm 21 years old and for two and a half of them I'm an MCR fan!! My other fav bands are: Madina Lake, Muse, Animal Jazz, The Used and Linkin Park. Also I love TV shows, and I'm obsessed with Heroes! :) Uhm... What else... The only thing I wanna say to guys from MCR if I met them is "Thank you". They haven't saved my life literally, but their songs always help me to feel alive in my darkest days.
Hello all you kids who just joined up O: Add me. I'm nice and I make virtual cupcakes. That is all. xo.
My Chemical Romance
So, in the blog Ray posted earlier with the pictures he said they'd been a photo shoot... Who thinks this is for a magazine where they will HOPEFULLY reveal some info about the album? :D :D I'm hoping Kerrang.
does any1 know when the new mcr Cd is out????
cuz i really wanna kno. i'm like freaking out. i see all these bootleg stuff online but i wanna buy it b$ i Listen @ anything on the CD
Anyone going to the Scream Awards?
I'm going to the Scream Awards as an audience member, so I was wondering if any of you guys were going. :D My friends and I are gonna dress up in Star Trek outfits, heh. What about you? There's tons of members on here so there's bound to be a few from the LA area. :P MCR is nominated, so they might be there, right?
What's this? There's white things in the air
It's fucking snow outside! Why does it snow before Halloween? The snow will light up the fucking place even in the night. It should be dark outside all day long at the Halloween day. I guess I have to pray that there won't be sun that day. These days I'm walking around singing "What's this?" when it snows, and "This is Halloween" everytime else. But it shouldn't snow at this time! Not even up here in the cold land Norway. But anyway... It's time for Halloween, guys! Wee! I just love this time of year. Everyone is joking with me, since I'm thinking loud of what I need to do before Halloween.
Why is writing introductions always the hardest part?
Haiii ♥ I'm not used to writing blogs so please bare with me, but I love the idea and I'm sure I will get used to it. If you manage to read all of this, thank you so much and If you leave a comment I will send you a cyber present. I'm Kate, I'm English and I'm a student at somewhere called Franklin college, but my home is because the only people I know are on that site, it's full of dedicated My Chemical Romance fans. I'm shy but when people get to know me I can be insane sometimes.