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Rest In Peace MCR.

It's the end of an era. This great band will go down in history; never to be forgotten. I'm so excited to see new work from the great artists who came together for MCR. It was so great knowing you all, and seeing MCR the three times I did. So long and goodnight <3

DUDE. Presale tix on June 6 and June 8, I found 'em!!

^^click ittt.

"Also along for the ride are Manchester Orchestra, Rancid and Matt & Kim, who will open on select dates. Members of Blink's and MCR's fan clubs will have first crack at tickets to all shows, in an exclusive pre-sale that will begin on June 6. Then, on June 8, anyone who "likes" the Honda Civic Tour's Facebook profile will gain access to tickets. And finally, all remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public on June 10 via and"

Is MTV on crack or is this

Alright Babies.

I'm posting this everywhere cuz I'm dying to know about presale MCR tickets.

When I originally checked the Honda Civic Tour website and clicked "buy tickets", I was greeted with "tickets go on sale June 6". Later on I found an article about the tour saying that members of the MCR and Blink fanclubs will get an oppourtunity to buy tickets June 6, and the rest of the tickets will go out on June 10&11. But maybe that information has changed? I'M DYING TO GET THESE TICKETS I need to see MCR for the third time, second time this year :')

Anyway if someone could please let me know what's going on,