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My Obnoxious And Particularly Long Rant About My Morning

I'm in school just about full time. I'm working two jobs. I'm sick. I'm tired. I have no social life. I have no money. I'm just another fucking college student right. So I took 2 hours off from one job so that I could go to do my Language class lab hours. They're required. I need one hour a week and haven't had time to go put in that one hour. Why?

For some unknown Godforsaken fuck of a reason the lab hours are the same hours that my work and class hours happen to be. In other words, I don't fucking have fucking time for that.

The Crazy Thing Is

This site saved my life at one point. I didn't know who to turn to, where to go for help, who to talk to, and I'd blog here and people would HELP me and that meant the world. Also, I met my boyfriend on here which is kind of crazy we've been friends for like 5 years after meeting on this site and we've been together for 2 and I never thought that such great things could come from something like a fan base. There are so few things I appreciate in this world more than I appreciate MCR and everything they along with their fans have done for me.

The Grammy's, But Mostly Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Many of you may have heard the conflict between Macklemore winning a Grammy over Kendrick Lamar. Now, I haven't listened to Kendrick Lamar enough to be able to form a strong opinion of him, so I will not be saying anything negative towards him in any way. What I WILL be talking about is how many people think that Macklemore used his white privelege to win that Grammy and how he didn't deserve to win it. Yes, he did tell Kendrick that he deserved to win. Should that be thrown in his face to say that even he knows he didn't deserve it? Not at all.


Alright guys after hours of debate I ended up ordering my pre-order package a few hours after the pre-sale started. The charge was originally in my bank account but has recently disappeared. Did this happen to anyone else? I'm a little panicked that I ended up not getting one. Let me know please D:

The Aftermath Is Secondary

Crash Queens and Motor Babies,

To begin with, I was a Draculoid. I sided with Better Living Industries, brainwashed by those in S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/. After the fires of 2012, the adjustment became very difficult for someone like me. They wanted me to detach myself from all emotion. I was unable to let go of what I was feeling in my heart. My refusal to cooperate resulted in brutality, their goal: Kill. I was attacked, shot through the heart that I simply could not ignore, and left for dead in Zone 6.

I awoke in the lair of Dr.

Life is Full of Decisions That Must Be Made

In the middle of April, I gave the boy of my dreams a mix CD with an introduction that indicated how important it was for him to listen to the songs in order. Each song reminded me of him and the way he made me feel. After every song, I recorded an outro, asking him to be my prom date, because I felt that the night could never be complete without him. After he listened to it, I got a text message from him saying that he finished the CD. The conversation went as follows.

"So I finished your CD"

"Oh did you like it?"

"Yes. I loved it. And I have your answer."

"Haha alright...I'm ready to hear

Grandfather Shadows

Long ago, but not in a far away galaxy, a baby girl was born. And in fact, it wasn't that long ago at all. It was a little over 18 years ago. The mother was young, only a teen, and the father felt that the best decision he could make was to run away. And so, a grandfather took his spot, taking care of the baby girl while her mother was at work. She was his world and his everything. They were inseparable.

When the baby girl started school, he picked her up from kindergarten every day. He always had a surprise for her.

My Very Strong Opinion of the New Escape the Fate

Alright. As you all may know, a couple of years ago Ronnie Radke fucked up and ended up having to leave Escape the Fate and spend a crap load of time in prison. So Escape the Fate basically said "yo! Craig! Wanna be our vocalist?!" and they batted their eyelashes until Craig said yes. Due to my loyalty to Ronnie, simply because of my hormones (I was 16 and they were furious for that incredibly attractive man), I didn't want to listen to Escape the Fate's new music.

R.I.P. Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan

Today, James Sullivan, also known as the Rev, drummer of the amazing band Avenged Sevenfold, passed away. This is...incredibly sad news to me. Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite bands. They did a lot for me. They gave me a connection with my brother that I didn't have before. They inspired me in multiple ways. They opened me up to this side of myself that I didn't know existed, a stronger more rebellious side that helped me brush off the abuse I endured while I was 15. They gave me people to talk to and connections that wouldn't have existed without their music.

Life Update for the Curious

So, I was looking through my blog posts and realize that...ugh. I wish I could delete some lol.

I know it's lame for it to bother me, but I want to delete the "My First Date" and Ponyo posts. Why? Simply because that relationship lasted one week. We dated a month before he asked me to be his girlfriend, and a week later he broke up with me. Why? He was seeing another girl. That was fantastic. I'm over it. I just don't enjoy seeing the picture of us kissing anymore because I now know that I was also kissing a girl named Amy. It was cute while it lasted.

ASIDE FROM THAT (sorry for being a