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alexhill2605's blog

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My New Clothing Range

Hi guys, i know i hardly post but i am a mad fan of My Chemical Romance and well this is why i love this site so much!

I've set up my own clothing range, although i am only 15, i am making, printing, dying and cutting clothes to sell! All are very different, some more colourful than others and some more 'dark' than others!

I also print logos, so if anyone is interested in any clothes i design, i can also do personalised designs, look at my instagram - mychemicalalex (I post most of my clothes on there, but photos of my idol, Gerard Way, and my art work)

Setting up an ebay account soon!


Work Experience

OMG i'm loving it here at work experience!
later i'll upload a few photos of the My Chemical Romance T-Shirts i have printed! they look sick, i've also made a few other clothes, tie dyed a white tee black from the bottom and cut up a pair of leggings!
sorry i haven't posted in a year!:(:(:(