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bob bryar out of the band?

im just talking that is around a rumor
that bob bryar is not on the band of my chemical romance anymore?
what bob bryar can get out he is the bryar no if he go i will be really sad!! :-(
i dont know if this is true or false?
but i can get out of my head that bob bryar is not anymore of the band?? :-(
i will cry if bob bryar goes!!
i dont if is a just a rumor!!
here is the link for more information!!!!!

no bryar u cant go!!
we will miss you
if u know anything about this information!!
plis let me know

Destroy all the mcrmy haters

we are the mcrmy soldiers
we have to battle to the end with mcr!!
we always hear the music of them
and we feel like we are in the band with them
we have battle with mcr!!
now we have to battle more to all the mcrmy haters
we have to put all our energy and battle until the end of time
like mychem said " im not afraid to keep on living im not afraid to walk to world alone"
so now is our turn to demostrate that all bullshit of that haters that they said
we have to respond and shut the up!!!
cause maybe they think that we are weak!! but we are not!! :-)
cause we got mad when they said that

If You Ever Felt Alone
If You Ever Felt Rejected
If You Ever Felt Confused
If You Ever Felt Anxious
If You Ever Felt Wrong
If You Ever Felt Wronged
If You Ever Felt Unclean
If You Ever Felt Angry
If You Ever Felt Ashamed
If You Ever Felt Curious
If You Ever Felt Used

Be Prepared To Feel Revenge
Feel The Romance

My Brutal Romance

My Beautiful Romance
My Innocent Romance
My Childish Romance
My Miserable Romance
My X-Rated Romance
My Harlequin Romance
My Selfish Romance

My Chemical Romance

The Ten Commandments of The Black Parade.
1.Thou Shalt Accept Death As It Comes.
2.Thou Shalt Sing And

little boys and girls fans of my chemical romance

i love how since 6 5 4 3 boys and girls are singing mychem
that is the most adorable thing i ever saw in my whole life they have good taste in music

see them singing mcr its feels that they are in good path!! i imagine of mcr members saw this they would be surprise how little girls and boys are singing that just fucking awesome!!
i love Young mychem fans they are so adorable and cute at the same time!! :-)