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Go sign the petition for one more tour. maybe they will see it and do it. mcrmy unite!

Seriously Though?

I'm Devastated. though I can't help but feel kinda mad. I feel we deserve more than just a few words on a page. I mean we didn't even have a warning or anything. Atleast a goodbye tour or idk a look at all you guys one last time. so I can process how the 4 guys I thought would never let me down have just now done so. I know everything doesn't last forever but 12 yrs seems so little. I just wanna go back to sleep and wake up and feel like it has been a nightmare. I have looked everywhere to see if this was true and I guess it is. I cant because you guys were my faith.

Zero Zero??

okay, im not knew here but i have never really posted. but i really need help on trying to figure out something... why gerard posted the song zero zero?? what is it for?? i cant listen to the song since im at school and they block everything...AND my house internet iss all fucked up... so plzz if u guys know anything can u let me know?? i would really apreciate it. thanx :)