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So I'm going to see BriBry live later and I know a total of 2 songs*.... I'm only going cause my mam keeps nagging me to go outside and my friend needs somewhere to stay for the night but yeah my friend is always hanging out with my ex meaning I have to awkwardly watch BriBry singing love songs with him really fucking close to me... again AWKWARD and we're cool now but I'd rather just not see him for a few more weeks and then when things aren't weird anymore try the friend thing. It's also really awkward around his friends who will also be there and he has a lot! Actually intimidating or terrifying is a better way of putting it because they hate my guts now... yay... oh God this is gonna be a long day. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it!
I hope you guys are doing alright!

*I do really like the 2 songs I know though, I was gonna listen to more but then Halestorm got in the way with their epicness

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All We Are Is Bullets Part 10

Gerard's POV:

I looked down at Mikey who was breathing lightly in my lap, his mousy brown hair was falling into is eyes, I gently moved it away but as I did I felt that his skin was boiling. He looked a little better since Julia "numbed the pain" but no where near okay. Every once in awhile he'd moan or twitch but I was just relieved that he didn't wake up, yet. My eyes stung from crying and I felt the familiar heaviness they'd get with tiredness but I couldn't fall asleep, I had to make sure he was okay. I wiped away fresh tears that formed in my eyes, I couldn't cry again, he wasn't gonna die. No, he couldn't, I wasn't believing that and no way was I telling him that. Julia and Ray were gonna get help. I had to hold onto that hope.
After about half an hour Mikey started mumbling something and moving around a bit, but I couldn't quite make out it was, that was until it got louder.

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I just rekindled my love for Fall Out Boy...

Back in 2006 my friend practically thought me everything there was to know about FOB, MCR, MSI, P!ATD & Paramore. But I only really liked MCR and FOB,and MSI a little but needless to say I thought MCR were amazing - still do - but FOB were her favourite band so I was told EVERYTHING about them, back then I could probably tell you Pete Wentz's entire life story - cause Pete especially was her life- and I knew all their lyrics. I've loved FOB on and off since, sadly wasn't as pumped as I wish I was when they came back but lets just say I'm having a extremely late reaction to their glorious return! But it felt like 2006 again for awhile, until MCR... you know...Right now I'm having a holy-shit-it's-like-I'm-listening-to-them-for-the-first-time-again moment. And this is my favourite song from Save Rock and Roll cause Courtney Love is in it and I fucking love her!! Man I'd fucking kill to see them live!
But for the record I've always loved MCR more ;)

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Well that was.... interesting....

My friend sent me this fan-fic about this girl who buys a notebook off some creepy guy and writes an ATL/FOB fic in it. But it comes true and she is actually in the story and her and Alex are the only one's who know that it's not true but everyone else was convinced that she was friends with them in High School, Jack was in love with her, she was Pete Wentz's sister and was there on tour with them the whole time! I have to say it was a fucking amazing idea for a fan-fic yet also really weird! But it got me thinking if you could write a story about yourself living a dream life knowing that it would come true would you do it?

If I could do that I'd write about:

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Supernatural life saving skills!

So basically Supernatural is my favourtie show and it has ruined my life thanks to Tumblr but it is somewhat educational! I know some of you guys watch it so you have to agree with me. You know like if you think your house is haunted just pour salt everywhere and BAM safe again! If your encounterd by a vampire just behead it! And holy water comes in handy! I shit you not I was home alone all the doors were closed but it sounded like they kept opening and closing so I actually yelled Cristo and put salt outside them... I think I'm a little crazy.... but I bet if Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins were in a hauted house they'd survive from all the things they've learend from the show! And hopefully they wouldn't die like they seem to do all the time on Supernatural!

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All We Are Is Bullets Part 9

I haven't posted this in ages but please feel free to read it!

Julia's POV:

As soon as we got outside the tour bus I leaned up against the door and sighed heavily before wiping away the tears, looking up at the sun rise and wondering where the hell I'd find Sierra. "Do you know where to look?" Ray asked, normally I'd be able to sense what direction people went in but my head was in such a mess that I couldn't. That was until I looked down and saw the massive pawprints on the ground, "that way" I pointed and started following them.

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The Peter Pandom!

Do any of you guys have a Tumblr because if you have then you've probably noticed the Peter Pandom emerging out of nowhere! He's so cute! And sassy! I'm loving it cause who doesn't love Peter Pan and considering the fact that our own Mr Gerard Way played Peter Pan in High School means that the MCRmy have no excuse not to love him. Seriously it is probably the most precious thing I have ever seen just look it up you have to and I promise that you're heart will melt.

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I am cringing!

Do you ever look back on stuff you did last year or the year before and think "why the fuck didn't anyone tell me I was such an idiot!?"?. I went all the way back to my very first blog which was over 70 pages of my account back and I was 14 at the time, I'm nearly 17 now. I acted like a child and don't get me started about how much I used "lol" or "XD", I then found my post I wrote just after seeing Reading and it looked like a 10 year old wrote it - but I was so fucking proud of them - I was so immature and at the time I thought I was so "wise" *facepalm* I read a fan-fic I completely forgot about, which wasn't actually bad cause I began to improve. For the first one I wrote spelling and grammar was awful, the story was alright but I still can't believe anyone actually read it!. What I can say is that I'm not as stupid as I was back then, I'm actually quite good at writing now if I do say so myself, but I'd rather forget about my existence from the ages of 11 to literally yesterday!

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Nevermind I found it!

It's just the red carpet. Does anyone know if Gerard is actually at the Kerrang Awards!?

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Yesterday my friend and I attempted to dye our hair in my bedroom. Big mistake. More dye ended up on the floor than in our hair so we spent hours trying unsuccessfully to get it off with nail polish remover which just took the varnish off my floor and I had to stick my head out the window at 2am last night because I couldn't breathe. We stupidly forgot to put down newspaper and even worse we didn't read the instructions and only realised afterwards that you need two bottles of dye if your hair is longer than shoulder length so hers is a purple-brownish mess and she had to dye it again... on the brightside mine looks great! Excuse my face, my hair in all it's messy glory and I can't decide whether or not parting it in the middle makes me look like Snape or not...