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Vampires Will Never Hurt You Part 28

Gerard gasped and dropped the stake. He tried to pull away from Raoul but he held onto Gerard's arm tightly and sat up. I screamed and grabbed onto Mikey with out realising it. Gerard managed to break free and stepped away from the coffin. Raoul got out of the coffin. We all stepped away from it.

"Do you really think you can kill me that easily?" he said, no one answered. He turned and faced me, "Nice to see you again Dawn, I'm dissapointed that you didn't follow through with your mission", I was terrified but tried no to show it. He took a step towards me I grabbed onto Mikey again, Raoul laughed. He was holding the Gerard's stake, he turned to Gerard "I think its fair that I kill you since you tried to kill me" he said with a smirk. Gerard didn't say anything but I could see him shaking. Raoul went over to Gerard, he was still holding the stake, "Don't move" he hissed. "No!" I screamed and ran over. Raoul turned around as fast as lightning and dug the stake into my stomach.

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You Part 27

I looked up at the castle, the sunlight was hurting my eyes but I tried to ignore it. We we're all waiting for someone to say something or someone to go ahead. "How are we gonna get in?" Frank eventually asked, no one said anything for a minute. "Someone can climb through a window and open the door" Ray suggested. Everyone turned and looked at me and Frank, "What?" I asked even though I knew what they we're going to say. "You and Frank are the smallest so one of you has to do it" Gerard said, me and Frank looked at each other. "Ladies first" he said putting on a smile, I sighed "Fine" I said walking towards a window. It was broken so I could climb in, Gerard ran over to me. He put his hands on my shoulders "Be careful" he said softly, "Don't worry, dangers my middle name" I said. He looked worried but he kissed me on the cheek. I turned and looked at Frank "Coward" I mouthed over to him but we both laughed. I climbed in the window.

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You Part 26

More and more red eyes started to come out and started coming towards the window, "Shit" I mumbled and jumped of the box. "Run!" I shouted pulling Gerard with me. We kept running until we reached the forest and stopped to catch our beath. "Are they after us" I said panting, "No, they would have caught up with us by now" he replied. He was right, I looked back we would have heard them coming. "The saw us so they know we're up to something" he said, he looked dissapointed, "I know, don't worry about it we'll figure something out" I said. It was still bright but thankfully the trees kept us shelterd from the sunlight. We decided to go back and tell the rest of the guys what happened.

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I dyed my hair!

I dyed my hair last week but I didn't put up the pictures. The first one is my natural colour but I'm wearing a red streak (Bulletproof Ink I'm wearing your t-shirt!) and the second is my hair now. I wanted to dye it red like Gerard red or maybe a different shade but my mam got "mahogony" because I'm "too young" to get it bleached and everything and it didn't come out well in the picture so it just looks a little darker. Its going to fade out in a few weeks though but its the first time I dyed my hair so I guess that was the safe thing to do. I love it I'm going to get adicted to dying it now. By the way for the people reading my fan-fic I'll try to put some of it up later. :)
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What would be a good name for a dog?

I know someone just posted a blog about naming her dog (If your reading this she's so cute and you should call her Coffee) but I'm getting a dog in Februrary and I don't have any ideas for names. Its a girl and she's an American Bulldog (So she's really big) and my dad has some ideas for names but there not great. I'd love if you guys had any name suggestions for her.

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You Part 25

I'm so sorry that I haven't put any of this up in ages so I made this one extra long to make up for it.

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Some guy I think looks like Mikey XD

Is it just me or does that guy remind anyone of Mikey? Maybe its the hair or the glasses or the fact that I don't think he smiled at any point during the movie (He's Hank from X-Men). I think there both awesome and he's holding a needle with CHEMICALs! XD

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great day and got everything you wanted. Have a very MCR X-Mas!
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Pointless Random Blog XD

These are getting fun. So read if you dare! I'm just a weirdo going on about random stuff. Those are just vampire realted MCR pics because vampires are awesome and you need to listen to that band above.
First I just heard Fearless Vampire Killers and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! So thank you Kerrang for showing me another awesome band. It was the name that attracted me to them because I have this creepy vampire obsession and they look pretty cool in the picture. Just theres a band called The Fearless Vampire Killers and there completly different so remember that these guys don't have the "The" in their name. I heard that MCR and Muse said they were good before and they were right. I can't wait to get their debut album next year!

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Stole this cause I'm a rebel XD I'm just bored

DoItTheGerardWay97 (a.k.a Sorrow Killer) created this quiz because I am so bored and I have nothing else to blog about!

Fill in the boxes with an 'x' if you have done or did, or like the things listed.

[] I have dyed my hair since early childhood.
[] I dye my hair funny colors just because Gerard Way dyes his hair funny colors.
[x] I have never dyed my hair. (I want it Gerard red but apparently I'm "too young")
[] I cut my hair a lot.
[x] I don't like to cut my hair.
[X] My nails are always painted black.
[] I paint my nails despite what people say.
[] I barely paint my nails.
[] When I paint my nails, the color bears meaning to me.
[] I don't like to paint my nails, it's too girly.

[] I have piercings on my face.
[X] I want piercings on my face.
[x] I wear eyeliner.
[] I'm not allowed to wear eyeliner.
[] I get made fun of for wearing eyeliner.

[X] All I wear is black.
[x] My parents hate my style.