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I havent been on here in forever and ive missed the site so much!! Have had allot of changes going on in my life and its finally starting to take off!! So happy that my life has turned around :)

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Hey all :)

Hey evryone have not been on in a long time. I resently just got a facebook so if you are my friend on here and want message me on here and ill send you my link :)

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Hello everyone :)

Hey Killjoys whats up :) So excited for spring break finally here and friends are comming home. So what are yall up to send me a message if you want to talk?!

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THIS MORNINGS BREAKFAST? yogert and gronala

FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR HOUSE? Do I have to pick just one!? Hmmm my Ipod

CLOSEST FAMILY MEMBER? My little cosin she is the best


SOCKS? The ones you cant see when you were vans or convers.

LAST HUG? Hmm my cat lol yeah no one has huged me today.

LAST BOOK YOU FINISHED? House of Night series

INSPIRATION? My Aunt, MCR, Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee,

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Hey All

Hey hows is everyones day going? Im so ecited for spring break no classes for a week and family is comming down and my friends are comming home too :) What are you killjoys up to?

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Nothin Like A Night Out With Friends

Amazing time tonight :). Went to the movies to go see "Take Me Home Tonight" then ran into my ex and i looked hot might i add hehe made his jaw drop in front of his 16 year old gf. By the way he is 22. Then driving down to the water blaring MCR with the windows rolled down and drinkin a few beers down by the water. Man oh man what a great night I had. How are you killjoys doing this fine night? :)

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Like a present

I love when i open my account and i have a message there waiting for me. Its like a present and im like ohhh who is it?! lol Dont you just love that feeling :)

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Hello All

Hey everyone whats going on? Anyone want to talk send me a message :)

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Hey All

Hey everyone what are you all up to? Anyone want to talk?

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Face Time

Hello all :) I have a quesion for you all. I got my new Ipod that has Face Time on it but i have no idea how to work it :( please please tell me how or give me a link i would really appreciate it thanks. <3 Bullet Rae