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Conventional Weapons buy or not to buy?

Here is my delema: I am a freshmen in college, struggling to pay off my car and pay for gas. Come December, I'll need to pay (roughly) 1,000 for my second semester. I get hardly any hours at work (but currently butting heads with my manager for more...8 hours a week, are you fucking kidding me?). I pay for my own food and have to constantly have money with me for parking at school.

My money situation is not that great, which is why I get frustrated when MCR comes out with something completely fucking awesome that is completely too expensive for me.

Killjoys, make some noise for.....

Fucking Conventional Weapons! How excited are you? October has never seemed so far away. From the very beginning of Danger Days, I've said I would have loved to hear the scrapped album. Not because I didn't like DD (because I did) but because I was curious...what was so "missing" about these songs that shelved them? I am so stoked and if you're thinking what I'm thinking...then we're thinking the same fucking thing (obviously)...and that is that we finally get to hear the studio versions of these songs:

The World is Ugly
The Drugs
Stay (Untitled)
Kiss the Ring

More or less those songs.

MCR's Halloween Contest

I'm nervous to find out the results about MCR's Halloween Killjoy Jacket Design contest. I've always thought about how cool it would be to win one of their contests. Their prizes are always insanely worth the time and effort put into the projects. But...I still never win. But this time I'm so proud of the jacket I designed - winning would just be a bonus. I designed something I actually really like. Winning would be awesome but either way I'll be happy.

They just need to keep having more contests (:

-Agent Sunshine

Working Progress

I had to transfer it to another computer. DON'T JUDGE ME.

Btw I got my first car. 1991 Chevy Beretta ^___^


"It's nice."
"Just nice?"
"Just nice."

My small carrier bag plopped onto the floor, causing dust to rise up in a plume.

"Rethink it for a few minutes."

The dust reached my nostrils, causing me to retract with disgust.

"Still just as nice as I said the last one was. And the one before that. And the one before that."

My attitude adjusted itself to the apartment with ease, reassuring every part of me that I would never have a permanent home. The word apartment suited me just fine, though. I was meant to be apart from this world.

99 problems...

...and they all bitches!
OK maybe I don't have 99 problems...but I do have problems and they are all bitches.

Today was the first day I got put on antidepressant medication. This is problem number one. A few hours earlier, I had taken 2 Dramamine to help me sleep. Basically, because I was depressed and just wanted to sleep. My mom finally took me to the doctor who put me on adolescent antidepressants. He asked me if I was on any other medication and of course I said, "no" because...what am I supposed to own up to taking 2 Dramamine pills? "Yes doctor, I only wanted to sleep.

ANNOYANCES (and other things)

Just had "a go" as the British would say, at "my mum" as the British would also say. Most kids wouldn't have a problem with their mom stealing and wearing their shit...but not me. She's always taking my clothes. This wouldn't bother me so much if it hadn't been a shirt I've been on the hunt for since last summer. The shirt I deemed as "magical" since it magically disappeared from my closet! Of course.

And I had a good (not so good) walk today. I was at Michael's house and to my surprise (not to my surprise) he's going to be drinking tonight.

my skin is just fine, thank you

2:25 AM

My summer has been this so far:
-3 AM Infomercials
-Lucky Charms Cereal

It's a wonderful thing, but not quite what I plan to do all summer. I can't wait to start working so I can make bank. I'm sick of watching "Cindy's Secret Skin Care" at 2:30 in the morning. I don't give a fuck about Cindy's secret...I'm 17 years old and my skin isn't gonna change for anyone (no matter how much I want it to). Oh and Sherrie, or whatever your name is, it's very interesting that you're 21 and have 5 kids... work much? If you know what I mean.

So Michael (le boyfriend) hasn't been around much lately

The Runaways: K-Stew and D-Fann PAY RESPECT!

Oh fuck yeah, guess who just saw "The Runaways" ?! This gal.

Seriously, this movie was so kickass. When I saw the trailer for this movie I was like, "Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart playing roles of the two most influential girls of the 70s? Just no." which is why I didn't go see it when it came out a year ago. But let's get this straight, I was so wrong because they fucking rocked it.

Especially K-Stew. She's not as bad in Twilight as everyone says she is. It's just the concept that's stupid (fucking vampires)...don't blame the actors or in this case, actress.