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Still not too old to die young;

Have you guys heard Ellie Goulding's new album "Halcyon" ? I finally got around to listening to it and HOLY SHIT it's brilliant.

Go listen to these songs:

--Only You
--Figure 8
--Dead in the Water
--Anything Could Happen
--My Blood

Those are my favorite songs, but you should really go out and buy the full album :3


Love Wears Evil Underneath Its Clothes;

Love wears evil underneath its clothes.

Love is a subjective case of the sickening mind twisted into a knot of severe hatred. Love is an outrage of simple conditions that whips all of us out of our minds and into the arms of others. Then in the break of night time weariness we succumb to our thoughts of precocious actions in spite of those who have wretched our hearts and WE are the victims. Many have taught themselves to overthrow these thoughts, though I am still plagued.

I’m not saying love is an awful, nasty, unpleasant, disagreeable, horrid, terrible, dreadful, obnoxious, offensive,

Humanity Vs. Heroism

It's so easy to put someone that you don't know in the hero slot. You can fool yourself to believe that someone you've put on a pedestal can do no wrong. Then, when they prove themselves to be just like everyone else, you think, "how could they do this to me?" When the truth is, as hard as this is to sink in, you held that person too high to begin with. You have no idea what it is like to be them -- to have fans throwing themselves at you -- to having them watch your every move. So the next time you consider someone your hero, consider them as a human being first.

Music Blog, Can I get a what-what??

So I just made a new tumblr because I found that I'm always looking for songs to post on my other one but can never find them and end up just posting them myself. Then they get a bunch of reposts and likes so I figure...I'm not the only one looking for these songs.

So I made a tumblr all about posting music. It's and I take requests for all kinds of music and post some of my own personal interests. Follow and tell me what you think :3

peace, love, and all of the above

Music Journalism & A Blast From The Past

Okay #1: One of my good friends whom I attended high school with is now studying to become a journalist at The University of Cincinatti. I've always admired his work and now he has a tumblr where he posts all his pieces! Trust me guys, he does it over stuff I KNOW you'd like. He does band reviews and album reviews of artists like Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and Dropkick Murphey's. Also, he does movie reviews. Follow him at ... you won't be disappointed!

Also my tumb-tumb is if anyone one? Okay, moving on...

#2: Does anyone remember

I want to hear what you guys have to say:::

Respond to the following questions:::

--Why do you think some MCR fans claim to "love" MCR, yet "hate" the MCRmy?

--Why do you think there are people out there who claim that "The Black Parade" album is MCR's "sellout album" ?

--Have you personally ever slandered another band or artist? If so, why? If not, do you think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether it is slander or not?

--Have you ever been attacked, bullied, or been subject to a hate crime due to your taste in music or personal style?

--Have you ever self harmed?

Number 4 and Killjoys Comic

Number 4, holy shit. Kiss the Ring and Make Room!!!! are so fucking awesome I can't words are coming out. I am so sad there's only one more left. I loved getting little packages each month. Gah, it felt like Christmas everytime they came. My favorite song so far is still Light Behind Your Eyes. It was Boy Division, but man when Number 3 came out I died a little when I heard "Light." It's so beautiful and maybe they'll do it live at shows or something :3

In other news, the Killjoys comic book is to be expected this year and I am so STOKED!

MCR Lyric Montage Poem :3

--Can you name every song featured in this poem? Let's find out--

Late dawns and early sunsets,
Just like my favorite scenes.
Count to seventeen and close your eyes,
Promise me that when I’m gone you’ll kill my enemies.
This broken city sky, like butane on my skin.
And as fragments of my skull begin to fall,
Your starless eyes remain.
And in this moment we can close the lids on burning eyes,
For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me.
Bright lights, they cast a shadow.
Bright lights that won’t kill me now.
When we were young we used to say that
When I grow up, I want to be nothing at


While I'm patiently awaiting some news on the unofficially titled MCR5 to come out, the CW songs are keeping me grounded. Have I mentioned how amazingly wonderful and beautiful these songs are? Boy Division is so badass while The Light Behind Your Eyes is so symphonic.

But here's my take on why I think this album was shelved:

While I listen to these songs and while I think they are great, there is a missing element to all I've heard so far. Even the long-awaited "World is Ugly" track seems to be lacking something extra. But then I went back and listened to the Danger Days album.

It's 2012 and yet I still... obsessed with fanfiction. The old ones and the ones that had such great storylines. Gah, 2004 where did you go?