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Please like/Follow my band

I know this isn't important to anyone on here!, but it would mean the world to us, we have been hailed as "the next big thing" in our practice sessions by professional musicians!, would mean the world to me, we have our debut single out soon as well!

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The changes i have been through since i was last on here....

First of all...

After randomly watching LOTMS about a year ago i decided to start a band... things didn't work out i left and started another.
my band is on the brink of a local record deal and has played gigs in venues of up to 200 people and releasing an EP in the new year called "Talk of the town"
i passed my college course and now gone back and done music.
i have got a job.

i know it dosen't see like much,

but for someone who was told they would never make it... its not bad huh?


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Here i am , doing my Travel and Tourism coursework and i get bored, so i decide to write stuff down, and it turns into a #SINGitforjapan drawing, just seeing what you all think of it :D

Because i sure have lol

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Soo who's comming to Cardiff tommorow night?

Been waiting for this for a long time.
Generally cant wait.

What time is everyone going down to the Arena?

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People From Wales?

Just generally want to know how many people from wales are on this site......
i surley cant be the only one? >.<