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Happy 2nd Birthday Lily and Cherry!!

(Ok since you can't post pictures of their family just imagine a picture of them, cause I would've put a picture but you now) Today is Cherry and Lily Iero's Birthday! Yay! Happy birthday Lily and Cherry! You guys are 2 years old now and have the best parents ever! Hope you have a great day and I honestly your names; they're so cut and I love how you're twins cause it's like a clone or something and you don't have to look in the mirror to sea each other!

First day of school rant

Ok so today was the first day of school for Moi, and it was actually funner then I thought it would be! First off, when I saw each of my friends, I would randomly show them the picture that is on this blog. I don't even know why. And all but one knew who it was since only me and my other friend like MCR, so they're just like "Cool!" Then my mcr-liking friend was like "Do you know who that is?" Every time I showed it to someone. Oh and my lock is the stupidest thing ever! It like wont open unless I try like 5 million times!

School and other randomness

This is going to be a rantful blog so.. BEWARE! lol. Ok so school starts tomorrow and I'm not ready! Like everything is packed and stuff but I'm not mentally. I just don't feel like giving effort and working hard and e its gr.9 so there's like more work and stuff and I'm with none of my friends for like any of my classes and I'm kinda shy so I'm nervous about that. Also, the only friend I have who's as obsessed with MCR as I am (proud to say I turned her that way!) is supposed to be moving next week so that sucks!

8 Years of Gerard's Soberness!!!!

8 years since Gerard Way decided to turn his life away from, suicidal thoughts, drugs, and alcohol! I am so proud of him, and now he has Lyn-z, Bandit, and of course Frank, Ray and Mikey (and the MCRmy!)! Gerard, this is to you!: You are such an inspiration and the world is lucky to have you! I'm soooo proud of you! Congratulations on your 8 years of soberness (that a word, right)! Keep being you, and making music, and drawing, and comic-booking, and making eveyone's live's happier!

~Acid rainbow

I Dippaseared again (Dissapeared): My Weekend Rant

Ok, once again, me was gone for a while. So, I went to my aunt's and uncle's camp in Manitoulin Island so we could see the fireworks at the Haw-eater Festival like we do every year (don't ask me what a haw-eater is, I have no idea. But the thing was, they are selling the camp, so it had no power or anything. We even had to use the washroom in their trailor cause it had no plumbing. While my aunt, uncle and cousin got the trailor with power and plumbing to sleep in, we got the camp which had no lights, plumbing, or heating. Yay.

I'm BACK!!!! Miss me?

So I've been gone for a loooong time. The reason was because I was on a secret ninja mission to save all the unicorns! Haha...... no. Ok on the weekend I had a soccer tournament, and I got sick! I still am. What heppened, was we had a soccer practise on Wednesday; in the rain! Because of that, I ended up getting sick on Friday, but my parents didn't believe me so I got to go to the tournament sick. They finally believed me, AFTER the tournament (Sunday evening) when I got a fever! I still have a fever, and I'm freezing; in the Summer, with the thickest blanket I could find!


Ok this is pointless but I just HAD to share it! So yesterday I was watching "5 minutes of TRUST ME" (video above) and I enjoyed all of it! After I finished watching it, my dad told me to watch something on TV, I asked "Why?" and he said "Trust me!". Well when he said that I just BURST out laughing! Now my parents think I'm crazy but that's ok!

~Acid rainbow

Just wondering...

Ok how do you delete blogs? Like not all of them just one at a time, cause I accidently posted a blog 41563564 million times, well four, but I would like to know! Thank you!

~Acid rainbow

I feel so stupid

Guess how smart I am? I didn't know that you can leave comments on other people's blogs, I just thought you could comment on your own for some strange reason.... aren't I the smartest?

~Acid rainbow

ooops.. my blog invaded zone 6. SORRY

Ok so I posted a little "hello" blog like a while today, and then when I went on zone 6, I noticed my blog appeared like 3534711577334 million times (ok, 4). I also clicked my blogs tab to see if it was just a glich but there was a million (4) there too! i'm soooooooo sorry i'm new at this and I must've clicked save too many times! sorry!