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Common Sense Doesn't Work with Me, but I Have a Talent of Tripping Up Stairs!

Today, I realized that I'm gonna fail math class. So, we got our math tests back and every mistake I made was common sense stuff you learn in Gr.4 and Gr.7. Like, for one question, when I was simplifying the exponent I multiplied the number and the exponent instead of just multiplying the number however times. And for another where we had to round numbers, I decided to convert them all into millimetres. Then, we were doing math questions on the boand and the last few I didn't get. Ok, I'm probrably boring the people reading this that haven't already skipped this, but I just had to post this.

Another Discovered Song (Well Cover of a Song)

I don't know why I haven't heard all these MCR songs before! I can't believe it took me this long to find this one though, I actually like the original song, but oh well, I found the MCR one now! Yay! I love it so much! So here it is! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

Discovered Song!!

Ok so I just found this song and it's full amazingly amazingness! I just love discovering their old songs! Oh btw sorry it's kinda difficult to hear sometimes but I guess that's cause it's performed live. One of my favourite parts is around 2:05ish! It's so beautiful! (Just so you know, my other favourite part is from 0:00 to 3:01!) Ok just thought I'd share this with you guys. Bye!

~Acid rainbow

Oh my Frank!

Oh my Franking god! I just saw Frank on Facebook and I just had to take a screenshot! I honestly just stared at it, I don't even know why! Well, that's it, Byee!

~Acid rainbow

Conventional Weapons!!!!

*Hyperventalating* Oh my GerardRayFrankMIkey! Just read Frank's post, and I can't wait for October!!! I'm kinda confused though, are the songs they are releasing the new album, or like something different all together? Well, either way, I'm still excited for new MCR music!!!! Yay!

~Acid rainbow

Metaphorical big sisters, smores, and walruses

Ok, most people seeing this title will probrably think "wtf" but I shall explain, and it will make no sence hopefully! Ok, at school, we have this "big sister, little sister" thing, where the older students get a "little sister" who is in gr.7 (usually but sometimes they can be in other grades). They like help them out with their first year at my school.

OMG Trying Not to Cry!!

Ok I know this is my 3rd post on here today, but I was watching some MCR videios and I clicked on it; I'm seriously trying not to cry! I just had to share it, plus today is a perfect day to share it!

~Acid rainbow

11 YEARS!!

"You're not in this alone" the first lyric my chemical romance ever wrote, and they're true! Thank you for being such an inspiration, and amazing musicians! No one can do what you do, and no one does what you do! Keep saving lives, having such great personalities, and making amazingly amazing music! You will never be forgotten!

~Acid rainbow


So today is the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, at first I totally forgot what day it was, until my geo class (1st period) when my teacher told us. I'm kinda mad that our school didn't say anything, like not even a little message during announcements. I even had to tell my friends at lunch it wasn't the 10th (cause they thought it was)! Sure we don't live the USA, but they should let people know!

Happy Birthday Mikey Way!!!!

Happy 32nd Micheal James Way!!!!!!! Have a great day you superior bass player, amazing person, poker face wearer, unicorn lover, and life saver!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: The second pic is a gif, so click it!