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My Mom's Taunting Me with Coffee

My mom went out and got coffee and she didn't get me some!!! And it's Starbucks coffee too!! I see it right now, right across from me, and it's taunting me! It's like "drink me, drink me". I'm like having a coffee withdrawl! I guess I could walk to Tim Hortins though, it's close enough! Meh I'm too lazy. Thank you for reading my pointless coffee rant, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

This is PERFECT!

I seriously cried! I'm still kinda watery-eyed! Maybe it's the beautiful acoustic guitars Frank and Ray are playing so perfectly, or Gerard's beautiful voice that seems (if it's possible) even more amazing in this song, and Frank's voice that perfectly goes along with it, or Mikey's bass amazing guitar playing, or the piano thing, or the song meaning. Maybe it's the whole thing. Wait, YES it is! Watch it!!!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: At the end, where Gerard asked for water I thought he was doing this turkey thing or something!


There's now only a month until the first Conventinal Weapons comes out!!!! Ahhhhh!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to hear the work they originally did but didn't!!! (if that makes sence.. yes it does..... in my mind :) ). Ahhh!!! That is all, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

My Worst Enemy: Stairs

I honestly think stairs have a secret passion for killing me! And it doesn't help that I have like 50 million of them in my house!! I either fall down them or up them, or just trip on them, almost every single day! I swear that they're plot is to physically hurt me! Stairs are evil! Ok, this was a pointless blog, sorry for boring you; bye!

~Acid rainbow

My Dinosaur Theory (Warning: The most random thing you will read today)

Wanna know my dinsoaur theory? Do ya? Yes you do. So, yesterday, me and my friend were studying for a science test, and I looked at a picture in the testbook of a biospere, which showed all these animals and stuff like that. On the right corner, there was a small green animal. To me, it looked like a tiny dinsosaur sleeping. Thus, my dinousaur theory begins: the dinosaurs didn't all die from a giant meteor, but the meteor shrunk all the dinosaurs! I told me friends this and they were like "ok there Sam" but that's ok! Turns out, it was actually a green lobster.

This Song is a Curse!! YES!!

AHHHH!! Frank's song came out yesterday!! (I would've posted this yesterday but I didn't have enough time; stupid math) It's so amazing!! Frank has an AMAZING singing voice! Like I knew he could sing because he was frontman of other bands, and he's backing vocals for MCR, but like, I didn't know his voice was THAT good! I love this song! Ya that's it, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

My Nutritional Romance

Ok, I was just looking at random My Chem pics, and I came across this! It's actually the most hilarious thing ever! I was laughing for like 5 minutes straight, and I just had to share it! Ok, bye, and we'll CURRY on!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: I'm surprsied they didn't put "Can you... STEAK me? Before the sun goes down..." steak is nutritional!

Sundays Suck

Well, if you have homework. I've been doing the 3948274 million questions we were assigned for science and I got tired of doing it so I went on here. I don't even understand half the stuff anyways, and I can't ask my teacher becasue we still don't have one yet! For 4 weeks we've had this supply teacher that I swear never blinks! Ugh I'm bored. I should probably do it now before my dad yells at me. Plus it's due tomorrow, fun. Bye!

~Acid rainbow


It just makes me mad when people you don't even talk to or know finally talk to you, just to get you do something for you, and it's a stupid request. Like, I was on facebook, and this person who used to go to my school, but I've never talked to before in my life, suddenly messaged me to tell me to like her picture. Are you serious? You're that desperate for people to like your photos? Go find a hobby or something! I just said I was using FB on my phone so I couldn't. Ok thankyou for reading my anger rant! Bye!

~Acid rainbow

Just Thought I'd Share!

I don't know why I'm posting this, but this is the Most Amazing Comment Ever! 'Nuff said! The "Costa-Rica" part makes me laugh every time!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: og just so you know, it's not my comment, though most of you proprably assumed that.