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OMG Best.Joke.Ever!!!

"A guy walks into a bar and says ouch" -Mikey Way

Oh my god this is the most hilarious joke ever! You have no idea how long I laughed when I read it! I was trying to tell my mom it, but I kept laughing over and over so it took like 5 hours! Then I told my friends it, and like it was the day later, so I was a bit calmer, but I was still trying not to laugh! Just wanted share the most amazing joke ever!! Ok, Bye!

~Acid rainbow


I don't know why, but my whole body hurts!! And I'm like super tired! My whole back is like burning in pain, and I seriously can't walk on my left foot without it hurting! And it doesn't help that I have to walk up 20 freaking stairs everyday due to my freaking school having too many stair!! Oh, and my fungers hurt too! What is this? Ahhh! Sorry for complaining, and taking up space on the site wiht this dumb blog, sorry! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

This is An Amazing Cover!

Ok, I was just listening to some songs on YouTube when I found this amazing cover of "Beat it" (originally by Micheal Jackson, incase you didn't know, why am I telling you this, you probrably know, then why aren't I deleting this? Oh I don't understand my mind sometimes) I like both versions but actually like this version better! (just my opinion) You shall watch this, and you shall listen to this, and you shall love this! (You shall) Enjoy! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

New York!!!

Guess what? I might be going to New York, which will be the first time I left the country (yay)! I'll be going to New York, because the band at our school is going there for a concert, and because, I'm in Gr.9 strings, which is a music class in highschool, everyone in the strings class gets to go too! Oh, and two of my closest friends are in band too! So we can go to New York together! (does that work with more then 2 people? Well it does now!) I'm so excitied! I'll have to get a passport of course, but still!


So today, I decided that I should be the non-procrastinator that I`m not and do some of my homework on Saturday (today). Well that didn`t happen.. oops! Well, I still have like 5 hours to do my homework, but that`s what Sundays are for anyways! Ugh I`m such a procrastinator!! I gotta stop that! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow


Rest in peace to both Micah (Shendo as most of us know) who passed from cancer yesterday and Amanda who killed herself. I never had the chance to message her, but I did read her blogs, and I could tell that she was one of the kindest person ever! Cancer chooses the wrong people, it`s not fair! And for those people who pushed Amanda to kill yourself, are you happy now? You made her live a life of pain, so much pain she just couldn`t take it anymore. Both of you didn`t deserve this!! Rest in peace!

~Acid rainbow

Snow!!! :)

Ok, so today it snowed!! I just love the snow! It's so amazing!! It's only October so it melted immediately, but whatever I still saw snow! Yay! I don't understand why people hate snow so much! Like when I saw it snowing in Science classI was one of like 5 people actually excited. We live in CANADA, what do you expect? I LOVE SNOW!!! Ok, this was probrably the most pointless blog I've ever wrote in my life! More then my little dinosaur theory! Ok, sorry for my pointless blog, bye!

~Acid rainbow

Thanksgiving, et Halloween Ideas

First off I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian peoples on here! I love thanksgiving food!! Turkey is my favourite meat, and I love cooked carrots, and mashed potatoes! and GRAVY! I love gravy!! I would drink it if I could!!

Ok, so I have no idea what to be for Halloween! Last year I didn' t know til like 2 days before halloween, and it wasn't a good costume; I was a panda and everyone thaough I was a cat or Mickey Mouse. I'm so indecisive!! Ugh!! I need some ideas, so what's everyone else being? Thank you! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

Pictures of My Dog :)

I was really bored so I decided to post of pictures of Lily; my dog. She`s a 3½ english bulldog. The pictures are a bit old, but she looks the same! We adopted her a little more then a year ago, and there`s this long story about how she lived and like 5 homes and stuff, but I don`t wanna bore you with it. Oh whatever, I`ll say it anyways. Lily came from a breeder dog, and lived in the breeder’s house for one year, locked up in the kennel with her birth-mother.

Has Anyone Else Noticed?

Ok, I was scrolling through the home page of the site, and I noticed some new posts that I haven't seen before. I checked when they were writen, and they were all out of order. They're kinda in order, but only Frank's post about conventional weapons isn't. I'm kinda an organization/neat freak so it kinda bugs me it isn't in order.(yet my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it) I don't know. I just wanna fix it! But now atleast I know about the new stuff in the store! Me wants the calender!! Ok, that is all, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow