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It's Been Like a Week Since I Posted

Wow, I just realized I haven't posted a blog in like a week! Wait, no, more then that! I don't even know why, I have this whole blog planned that I wanted to write but I guess I got distracted by school, and stuff. But, when I had free time, I DID go on here to check MCR news, and I responded to messages. I guess I just wasn't in the blog writing mood or anything. So, sorry! (even if like probrably only like half of you actually read them, I'm saying sorry anyways! Deal with it!) So, ya! Ok Bye!

~Acid rainbow

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living; I Steal Blog Quizzes!

Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[] Born a leader
[x] You love drawing
[x] You love singing (I can't sing, I sound like a dying wlarus but ya, in a way I don't really really sing, just like kinda highpitched)
[] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles
[]You call your friends by their last names instead of their first names
[x] You have siblings and love them
[x] You have brown/green eyes (brown)
Total: 4
Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[x] You don't have asthma
[x] You are near-sighted
[x] You

Just a "Little Bit" Obsessed :)

That moment when I realize I'm REALLY obsessed with MCR when I'm doing my homework, and I write the worlds "carry on" and them read what I wrote and squeal of MCR-Osessiveness! My friends are right, I AM WAY (there's the squeal again haha) OBSESSED with MCR, but really, why wouldn't I be? Just look at all they've done and listen to their music; they're too amazing to not be obsessing over! :)

~Acid rainbow

Happy Franking Birthday Frank Iero!!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Anthony Iero!!!! Hope you have a great 31st birthday! (thought it probrobrably ended by now because of Time Zone stuff... I think) Keep being you're crazy, funny, amzing guitar playing, dog loving, inspirational self! Even though you don't need a reminder to do that! :)

And to all the peoples on here, HAPPY IEROWEEN!! When I said that to my friends they were like "...What?" and then I explained it to them and they were like "you're wierd! :)" and then I was was like "good!" and ya.

Stolen Mua ha ha ha....

cross everything you've done

[ ] Had beer
[ ] Smoked an entire cigarette
[ ] Done drugs.
[ ] Written on a bathroom wall.
[ ] Read a George Orwell book.
[x] Had a physical fight.
[x] Used Twitter.
[x] Listened to Lady Gaga
[ ] Been in a car accident.
[ ] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten expelled.
[ ] Been allergic to something.
[ ] Got a computer virus.
[ ] Touched a real gun.
[x] Had a dog.
[ ] Had a cat.
[ ]Been pregnant.
[x] Camped out
[x] Swam in the ocean.
[ ] Wore a bikini
[ ] Driven a car
[ ] Been sent to the principal.
[x] Ever liked someone.
[ ] Failed a class.

My Mini OCD for listening to Music

I don't know why, but whenever I watch the music video of NA NA NA, I like HAVE to watch the music video of SING, becasue it's like the second part. If not I like get mad and I feel like they didn't save the girl. Then after the music video of SING, I HAVE to watch a different MCR video right after because I feel like they're all dead, even though I know that they aren't really dead. This is actually so wierd!! Welll I am wierd, so it's logical! :) So, these are my strange music video watching obsessions, just thought I'd share them, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

The Wierdest yet Most Amazing thing I Just Found

Ok, I have no idea how I found this, but it`s hilarious! I was laughing the whole time! I have no idea what they`re saying half the time, but that`s what makes it so funny! And their facial expressions! The only thing was that Frank wasn`t there; but he was there in spirit!! Me must share with yous!

I`m really hyper today, over-tiredness I guess. I was singing this random polka song in Science, and was like screaming NA NA NA to my friend at lunch who was like ``What are you singing?`` and a few people walking in the halls gave me wierd looks, but whatever, it was fun!

It's 12am....

It's 12:30 in the morning, and I've been doing this project since like 3! God I need to manage my time better instead of doing like 9/10ths of it today! And I get to get ready for school tomorrow at 6am! I'm gonna be so tired...... oh, and I just remembered I have a big math test tomorrow and some music homework I forgot to do, well, atleast I get to listen to MCR! Ok, I should finish my project now, sorry for complaing, ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: The beginning of my post got "It's nine in the afternoon stuck in my head!

Conventional Weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I keep editing this cause I wanna rant about how amazing they are!!!) Oh my god!!! I am literally hyperventalating! I LOVE Boy Division and Tommorrow's Money!! No, OBSESSED WITH Boy Division and Tomorrow's Money!!!!! This is the best day ever!

Less.. then... a weeek!!!!

I can't wait! Conventional Weapons comes out in only a week! And Frank's birthday is only a week away! And Halloween is a only a week away! So many great things happening in one week! Yay! Ok, this blog was really random, but I'm just so excited! Who wouldn't be? Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow