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MCR Ornaments

I was looking at MCR Christmas pictures to put for my desktop picture when I came across this amazing picture! (I love how Frank is the elf cause he's short! Haha!) Oh my god I really want to make these ornaments and put them on my christmas tree! I showed my mom and was like "We should make these!" but she said no. Whatever, I'm not artisically talented enough to make the ornaments without them looking like roadkill. But I could print the picture then cut it out! I'm so doing this when I move out of my house! Hope you like the ornaments (maybe your talented enough to make them!

Zero Zero

(Before the real blog sorry for not being on here in a long time even though I think like half of the people read it. I would've made a whole blog saying this, but I realized that every fifth blog of mine was a "I'm back!" thingy so I shall say it now... I'm back! So, ya!) I really like the "Zero Zero" song by Gerard/Danny the Street! I was SO confused at first! Like I could tell it was Gee from his unmistakebly amazing voice, but I was so confused as to why he made a solo song.

Amazing Musicalness!

We had one of the funnest strings classes ever! Which my friend says I say that every day, but that class is always fun! Even though I'm not musically talented at all! So, in strings class, one of the people said she had never heard of the band QUEEN! So everyone else; including our teacher (who is awesome by the way) were like "You don't know who QUEEN is?" because you know, it's a popular band. So out teacher played Bohemian Rapsody for us and it was amazing!

The World is Ugly

The World is Ugly is coming out next!! I can't wait for the full, studio version of this! It's one of the most beautiful songs ever!

~Acid rainbow

I Feel So Unprocrastinaty (Yes it's a Word, I just Invented It)

For like the first time since elementary school, I actually started my project more then two days before the deadline! And I'm like half way finished too! I feel so acomplished! Seriously! I feel like I should get a medal or something! Actually no, I'm probrably not going to finish until next week which is like 2 days until its due. Curse my procrasting ways! *points fist at air* So... this was a pointless blog. I just realize that when I make random blogs like this I always say the at the end, that's wierd! Ok, sorry for filling up the community with this. Bye!

~Acid rainbow

Conventional Weapons Number Two!!!! :) :)

OK, so I actually stopped myself from listening to Conventional Weapons Two until the actual release day (today) and OH.MY.GOD it was worth the wait!!! AMBULANCE and Gun. are SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! They are both just so perfect in the perfectness way of their perfection!!!!! (Does that make sence?) I just love the beginning of AMBULANCE where they're all singing together! And the rest of course! It reminds me of Queen too! And Gun. reminds me of something else, I don't what, but I know it sounds like SOMETHING!

Happy American Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans on here! Hope it was a good day! Ok bye!

~Acid rainbow

I Must Wait.... I Must Wait... I Don`t Want to Wait!

So, the new songs from CV leaked out again, and it`s taking all my willpower to not listen to them until Friday! I listened to the others when they leaked earlier, but now I`m determined to wait until the actual release date. It`s only 5 days, that`s not that long right? Right? Ahhhhh! Yes it is! I want to listen to them now! I want to type in "AMBULANCE" and "Gun" and listen to the glorious music that is MCR! No! I am going to wait the long 5 days until the real release date!!! .....Let`s see how long that lasts.

The Best Time to Wear a Striped Sweater...

Is all the timeee!!! Oh my god this picture is hilarious! I just had to share! Ok bye!

Acid rainbow

My (Last) Week, Including My Shy-Awkward-Anti-Social-WhateverYouWannaCallitness

I am way too awkwardly shy! Or maybe I'm just anti-social, well I DO talk to people so maybe just the awkwardly shyness. Well, maybe a combination of both. Whatever I am, I'll just tell you why.