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So Long and Goodnight

I've known MCR for a little over a year now, I have most of their albums, LOTMS, and all that fun stuff they offer. Everyday to school, I where my MCR bracelet.They are honestly, one of the best things that have ever happened to me; knowing this amazing band. I am still as obsessed as I was when I first heard "Teenagers" (ok, maybe a little more obsessed now) and immediataly fell in love. When 2 of my friends told me, I started shaking, I could believe it. I checked their website, and there it was "And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end." I started crying.

Does Ray Have a Baby?

Does Ray have a baby? Cause I keep on hearing that he does, yet I can't really find any evidance or anything. Thanks! :)

~Acid rainbow

P.S. Oh, and if he does, congratulations Ray and Christa!!

Blame Snowdays!

I haven't been on here in atleast 2 weeks! So for all those who actually read these, and the people I message, I didn't die, I just couldn't come on here because I was studying for exams. Well, they aren't over yet, though they should be. We've had 3 snowdays just THIS week. Because of that, my period 5 exam, which was supposed to Tuesday, is postponed to Monday (It would be tomorrow but there's a P.A day); welcome to Canada. So, ya, I didn't die, bye!

~Acid rainbow

The Last CW

Oh my god, I just realized that after Surrender the Night + Burn Bright, there will be no more monthly MCR gloryfulness! And that's in only 3 weeks or something because it's coming out in the first week of Febuary! Well, atleast they are making their new album, which should be coming out soon! I can't wait!! Ok, ya (ok, I'm listing to Bulletproof Heart and right after I typed that Gerard said "ya"!!), bye!

~Acid rainbow

I've Been on Here Less Lately

I realized that I'm barely on anymore. I rememeber when I first got an account on here; I would come on here like twice a day, posting atleast one blog everyday. Now, I seem to visit here only about three times a week; with only a few blogs a month. It's not that my life suddenly got too boring to write about anything, my life is always boring, and I usually just posted mcr stuff anyways. The first few months though, was because of all the school work I had, but now that I don't have all of those projects and homework, I still find myself not coming on here that much.

Conventional Weapons Number 4!!!

First, because of the 47246 million projects I had while Number 3 came out, I didn't get to rant about it. All I need to say is that they are perfect in their glorious way and beautiful like MCR always is!! Ok, so, once again (I should just make a rant when they all come in because I basically say the same thing, but whatever), I LOVE the new CW songs! For Make Room!!!, at first it wasn't my favourite, but after the second time listening to it, I love it, especially the part they put in NA NA NA!

Happy New Year!

2012 was interesting, I made friends, lost some friends, made friends again, left my province for the first time ever, other stuff happened (I'm too lazy to write a lot today), and, became a member of the MCRmy!!! :) Happy New Year everyone!! Or as Mikey says it, Merry New Year!

~Acid rainbow

P.S: The picture of Mikey is a gif, ya.

Happy Be-lated Christmas

Ok, I know Christmas already ended like 5 days ago, but I wasn't on here on christmas so shhhh. Merry Christmas! For Christmas, I got a "Soft Kitty" shirt, the Big Bang Theory Board Game, like five million REALLY comfortable socks, a new jacket, mitts, foooood, and other clothing.

This is How I Disappear (And Happy Birthday Bob!)

First, Happy Birthday Bob Bryar!.... even though you're not in MCR anymore, but you were, so I'm saying happy birthday to you, happy birthday! Second, Merry New Year's Eve everyone! Hope it's a good new years eve! Ok, so sorry for being gone for 3194794 million years, I had like a gazillion tests and projects, and than because it's christmas time I was visiting a lot of relatives and vise versa.

Christmas Concert Freakout

Tomorrow I have this christmas concert for my school; I play viola and OH MY GOD I'M FREAKING OUT! I get to perform in front of like 300 hundred people and it's getting broadcasted on TV! Oh joy. I HATE presenting in front of people! I get all nervous and dizzy and my face gets red and if I have to read anything I read it in like the speed of light. On top of that, I SUCK at playing my viola. , I always end up messing up the notes (like getting lost or playing the wrong, go too fast or slow, and I can NEVER play it in tune. Why did I even take music? I SUCK at anything MUSICAL!