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If you were a rockstar? Umm hello. I am a rockstar.

If you were a rockstar,
You would play:
[x]Guitar/Bass (already do)
[] Drums
[x]Sing (already do)
[] Backing singer
[] Other

You would act: (oh god... ummm)
[] Cocky
[x]Adorable (I guess..)
[] Charming
[] Dark
[] Funny
[] Sexy
[x]Quiet (yes that's right I am quiet and loud at the same time)
[x] Loud
[x] Camera shy (camera shy god yes)
[x] Serious

You would marry:
[x] Someone you knew before you were famous
[] Another celebrity (it kinda pisses me off when celebrities marry each other)
[] A fan
[x]Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[x] Your appearance
[x] How well

MCR fanfics?

Can someone suggest a good MCR fanfic for me? I like the highschool ones. And Frerard is fine.. Thanks.

Please check out my band!

We're called Smash Mystery and this video is of our first Festival gig. We have released an EP. If you want to check us out further then go to:
Our Website-
Our Facebook-
Our Youtube-

We are made up of 3 girl and one boy all under the age of 16.

Teenage Kicks all through the night ALRIGHT!

I got to sing a song with my dads old band last night. It was awesome fun. Their singer Dave is one of my absolute heros. I couldn't hear myself but it didn't matter. I knew the song and just had to do it. It made me realise that this is what I want to do. Always. Forever. I always want to play music. I always want to play live. I always want to record. And I always want to play music with great people who share my passion for music. Nothing anyone says can change that.
-Miss Pip


BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP! At school, at home it doesn't matter!

P.S. Happy Birthday Julie!

Sing it for Skye

My tribute to the brave beautiful Skye, who got beaten to death in a My Chemical Romance shirt. May she rest in peace and not be forgotten. She did not deserve to die. xo

Sing it for Skye

As of now people are aware that a 17 year old girl named Skye was bashed to death because she was wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt.

A friend and I would like to make a tribute video for her but we need the MCRmy’s help for it to be possible. We would like people to write on their hands SINGitforSKYE to show their support for this matter.

If you are interested in helping submit a picture similar to the ones shown and send it to

Please spread the word and help if possible. I would like to have this done before Christmas.

Please help
This is

Come on everyone!

In honor of KILLJOYS EVERYWHERE who have fallen to bullying and cruelty this coming Monday, December 12th is officially KILLJOY MONDAY, please wear a MCR shirt or your Killjoy gear and write "Stop the Hate" anywhere on yourself, hand, arm, neck, etc and take a picture!

The only hope for me is you

Every time she smiles, I smile. Every time she laughes, I laugh. Every time she is hurt, I am hurt. Every time she is sad, I am sad. She is my other half, my everything, my best friend, my main reason to be happy.

I could never be angry with her. I could never do any wrong to her. I never want to let anyone else have her. I want her to be my friend forever. Together. Her and me. We can live forever if she's got the time. Together we can take on the world. Nothing matters anymore. No bullys, no hurtfull people, no one. Together we can do anything.

We will learn from our mistakes, we will