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Everyone is weird. No one is perfect.

Don't ever let anyone put you down and tell you you're worthless. Don't let people walk over you. Be yourself and be proud because everyone is unique. Everyone is weird. We're all weird in the end.

I wrote a new song. Have a listen if you like!

I wrote it for a friend, who's ex girlfriend was a bitch to him and dumped him saying she wasn't ready for a relationship, then she got a new boyfriend and is all 'face suckey' with him. That's the inspiration for the song. Please let me know if you like it!! THANKS!
-Acacia Pip

I am a girl and I love a girl.

I guess in most peoples eyes that makes me 'lesbian' or 'bi' but I honestly don't think of it that way. I love this girl for her personality, not her gender. (Messing with the fabric of society here). THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

She's fucking great. We've been best friends for ages so it seems kind of weird to some people but whatever. I LOVE HER! AND SHE LOVES ME! We frolic in autumn leaves holding hands. Not really but life's pretty peachy. If my parents read this I may die. I guess so what.. Not like they'd go on the MCR site anyway :P

Yeah anyway.. I'm really happy so I thought I'd share


Alright bitches! My band Smash Mystery just got the photos from a recent gig we played. Feel free to feast your eyes on our punk energy. Check us out at our website or facebook or youtube!

Or even email us! We love fans.

-Acacia Pip

Smash Mystery! Teen punk band.

The Smash and their latest victory! Yes we cam THIRD place at our local talent show! (See video above). Very proud of ourselves we are. And tomorrow night we have the local Battle Of The Bands to play at! We're just going to do our best and hope all goes well!

Check us out!
Our send us fanmail!

My band Smash Mystery

This video is of my band, it was from a few months back at a gig we did for a Roller Derby event. I hope you like it!

My band Smash Mystery

As some of you may know, I'm in a band called Smash Mystery. There are four of us in the band, three girls and one boy and we're all under the age of 16. We play Punk/Rock music, covers and our own songs. We have released an EP with five songs.

Our latest victory was at a local talent show in our area where we won third place! I know it sounds a bit bad, coming third. But there was many entries, and we're happy to even win any place! The judges looked like they didn't really understand our music anyway so we're very proud! We have another talent show coming up soon too.

High school dancing.

My first reaction to having to dance in pairs this year was 'WHAT NO! NOT WITH THOSE IDIOTS!' But I have changed my view of it now. It's simply amusing to see awkward teenagers made to pair up and dance together. I actually quite like it. If only we could dance to some better songs... High school is still a twisted place.

-Toxic Teaparty

Are you a killjoy forever? SIGN AND REPOST!

Dead Bunny, Skull Bandit, Chemical Batman, Adrenaline Extermination, Xyphine R. Villain, Toxic Teaparty

Dear Zonerunners: I’ve been reading a bit lately about how some of you feel that the night MCR plays the last show in their Australian tour is the night our fabulous danger days come to a close. Abandon the notion. What My Chemical Romance has created in their album is a world, a culture, and a movement that will last much longer than four hundred and forty-two days. For years to come, I promise you I will keep my boots tight, keep my gun close, and die with my mask on if I’ve got to.

Popularity and school dances.

It just annoys me how we have to do dancing in year 10. I guess it's kind of a nice idea... But do they not think about the fact that there are 3 times as many girls as boys, and when they say 'boys go choose a girl', that it's just another game of popularity again, like out in the school ground. Pretty girls get picked first, the rest are 'last resort choices'. Highschool is a twisted place.
Just something to think about...

-Toxic Teaparty