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My artwork

First one is a drawing I did of Mr Way.
The second is a stencil design of Kurt Cobain I did with my spray paints.
The third is me and my best friend with Bowie makeup on drawn in pen by my best friend.
Hope you like them! Comment and tell me what you think!
Thanks -Pip

Repost and sign!

I salute every single one of you!

"Here's to the kids who were never okay,

who brought their bullets in return for your love.

To the kids who live life on the murder scene, seeking revenge on those who wronged them.

To the kids who lost their fear of falling,

who refuse to drink to show their support for Gerard's decision.

Here's to the kids who sign their name.

The kids who love demolition style, who would end their days in a hail of bullets for thy lover.

Here's to the kids who will spend their nights dreaming of what life would be like if they were G. F. R. B. or M.

Frank and his retro microphone?

Does anyone know how long Frank has been using that retro mic on stage for? Is it a Danger Days thing or something? I really like it. It reminds me of Elvis and Johnny Cash... Frank always has great taste in musical equipment.

Getting dropped off at school

Today as my mother drops me off at school she says 'You're looking very chemically romancey emo today darling'.
HAHA! Thanks mum. :)

Our little My Chemical Romance photo shoot

My cousin, sister and me having fun representing three different MCR albums. Three Cheers, Black Parade, and Danger Days. We had to make do with what we had so bear with us.

We really did this as a tribute and in hope that MCR would play some side shows whilst they are in Australia next year for the BDO. We're still hoping this is possible! If anyone knows anything about side gigs please let us know. Thank you!


Dyed my hair red and purple

Red and purple! What do you think?
There is lots of different shades of red and purple in there for some reason which I like.
I love the way that when I go to school people who I've never talked to stop and say 'Umm what happened to your hair?', like It's gone horribly wrong or something. Honestly, some people.

(Yes I'm in my school uniform by the way).
Thanks. Pip.


Some of my views on things such as life and todays society:

I believe that life is like a balancing act. So many things in life need to be balanced. The balance between family, friends, loved ones, work/school, music, and many other things.

Life is not always the perfect glass of milk. Life gets messy. Life gets bloody and that's okay. We learn from our mistakes and that makes us better, stronger, more amazing people.

I think this generation is much too critical of people.

That friend who is your everything..

I love the way that Frank and Gerards friendship remind me of my best friend and myself in certain ways.

-Always doing silly things that no one else understands.
-Making music together.
-Making each other smile or laugh without even doing anything.
-Making fools of ourselves in public.
-Being who we are and not caring what anyone thinks of us.
-Being there each other when we're not okay.
-Battling our way through life together.
-Doing wonderful things together such as walking through the neighbourhood tapping our drum sticks on all the fences whilst singing along with our favorite songs.

A tribute to My Chemical Romance and their many different styles.

This tribute was to hopefully bring to attention, the fact that Australia has some fabulous little killjoys. We may be little but our respect and love for My Chemical Romance is enormous! When we heard that our favorite band MCR were coming to Australia in 2012 for the Big Day Out we were over the moon. One problem was and still remains, that the Big Day Out is a massive festival isn't really for kids. Then we thought that would be utterly perfect, would be if MCR did another show in Australia while they are here for Big Day Out.

My Chemical Romance coming to Australia!

OK so MCR are playing Big Day Out but personally I think the other bands are not great...I would go just for MCR but my parents would not allow that. So! I thought it would be AMAZING and completely and utterly FABULOUS if they could do a side gig (all ages) so that people like me didn't have to go to the Bid Day Out, but could still see the best band in the world while they are still in the land down under. I am wishing and wishing that this might be able to happen. Thanks.