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I could watch it all day!

I love this girl

That's me on the left. And my lovely on the right. <3
These were photos from our trip to Sydney to see My Chemical Romance back in January.

Are you different?

This video is SO beautiful. Everyone should watch it.


Check it out! Smash Mystery playing before a roller derby show! We had such a great time! Our local derby girls won too which was awesome!! Keeping the updates coming! x -AcaciaPip

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Smash Mystery road trip.

My band Smash Mystery hit the road for an out of town gig last weekend. Oh what a good time we had. Snake lollies are so fab!
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We need your votes!

My band is entered in this highschool band competition! Please review our songs! You have to sign up (it's totally safe) and then review/rate our songs. Like listen to it and say what you like about it and rate it out of 5. Please just quickly do this! Thank you so much! x

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Please vote for my band Smash Mystery! I'll love you forever.

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Please vote for my band Smash Mystery! I'll love you forever.

We're entered in a High School competition and we need people to rate/review us. We'd REALLY appreciate it! You have to sign up to Unearthed High to vote which is good because then you can check out all the awesome music on the site!

My band -