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Smash Mystery's music video!

Hey guys!
This is my band Smash Mystery and this is our FIRST EVER MUSIC VIDEO! We'd love it so so much if you could watch it and if you liked it shared it with your friends. Thank you so much! Support young music.

-Acacia Pip

Teen rock band Smash Mystery!

This is my band. We're releasing a SECOND EP soon which is very exciting! If you like what you hear then you can like us on facebook -
Or you can visit our website -
Or if you want to tell us something email us! -


Been with my beautiful girlfriend for six whole months.

I love this girl and that's that. I can't believe it's been six months. I am so lucky!

Small Petunia Of The Galaxy and MCR5.

I watched the interview with Gerard. And I listented to the song.. or the demo for the song. Or what it was. Anddddd.. am I the only one who's not.. fully in love with it? I was hoping their new songs would sound like Three Cheers or Black Parade or Bullets. Then again, I do enjoy Danger Days also.. so I guess another Danger Days would be okay.. I just was hoping for roots. OH WELL. I'll still buy it!!! and fangirl it. :)

SMASH MYSTERY (the video that was on TV)

My band. This video was on TV earlier tonight. We're pretty proud.
x - Pip

I just dyed my hair pink and black!
The only hope for me is you.

Can I be the only hope for you? Cause you're the only for me.
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves.. how lucky we are.. nothing is perfect but I think you're as close as it gets. <3

Hello there :3 this is my favorite person.
Love from Pipi.

Please help support my band!

My band is called Smash Mystery, our ages are 13-16, we are thee girls and one boy (lucky man) and we need your help! We're entered in a highschool band competition and you have to VOTE FOR US! To do that you review our songs HERE >

Please just take 5 minutes of your time! You have to sign up as a music lover and then review our songs one by one. THANK YOU SO MUCH x

This is my band.

Please check us out! We had so much fun playing this gig. :)
If you liked this visit our facebook!
<3 Keep running killjoys


So we made this new video!!!!! CHECK IT OUT! It's of us on the way to a recent gig. BEING SILLY! <3 xx love you all!