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abrokenheartedKilljoy's blog

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So done with all the bs with school

My school is full of a ton of homophobic (used as a blanket statement for all LGBT+ phobias) I am soo done with going to this school but I don't graduate for another 2 years and my parents aren't moving anytime soon. I am just so done with everything these days.

Why I'm Not Okay

So, at the beginning of January, my girlfriend broke up with me and I'm still pretty sore about it. And all these things going on with the band and not being able to go see Black Veil Brides. And now because I said one person was "ADORABLE" not hot or cute or sexy, they are trying to pressure me into a relationship with him and I'm not ready for a relationship and a large majority of that is due to me being philophobic. Why does life have to be sooooo friking stressful and full of anxiety and depression.


I want them back to gether sooo bad. Even if it was for one tour

Oh Jeez

I signed up for this because why not. I am a killjoy, who wants MCR to get back together. You see this boys? Please