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would you like to be an immortal?

i just finished watching a korean series and it gave me an idea that living as an immortal is quite tempting especially when time is the only thing that humans can't control.. i even wondered if it is really impossible to become one.. i don't want to be a vampire though, still human! *if u have the chance to be one, would you grab it?*

almost vacation!

2 more weeks and its vacation! soO excited! haha
i think i'm gonna waste my whole time surfing the net..
looking for talented people..
just saw Miyavi..
he's really good on his guitar..
watch him on youtube!

long time-0ut..

it's been a while since i last posted and its all because i'm disappointed.. i bought my album (mcr danger days) last january 1.. i was sOoo happy when finally its available.. but when i'm about to pay for it, the man on cashier made me wait for 10 minutes but still i wasn't able to have a poster! i was really expecting to have it coz i'm a late fan.. just bought the other albums last two years ago.. i thought i would have my first official poster.. but.. :(

thankful 2010's almost over..

now i believe that when you start a year badly, you're gonna face situations throughout the year which were totally unexpected..
why 2010's a disaster for me..
-january my cousin w/c was 5 mos pregnant was diagnosed with cancer
-june 4 she died after her first chemo
-august my aunt died, i've been living in the dorm with her that time when she was hospitalized
-november my nephew was diagnosed w/ hydrocephalus
-december my bestfriend had a major operation due to appendicitis, her right ovary and fallopian tube were also removed

i know these events were too serious to be shared..
but i just

almost time!

i think i'll be having the best new year tomorrow!
coz i'm so excited i even made the fruit salad before my mom even knew it..
its just a mix up so its actually very easy..
a lot of events this year were really awful to me..
so i'm sure i'll never gonna forget it..
i hope everyone would have the best celebration tomorrow..
happy new year mcr and mcrmy! =)

cd OUT??

wasn't the album released in the philippines??
coz i checked two stores in different malls, different locations..
they both don't have it..
its been weeks already..
wish i would have my copy before christmas..

3rd RULE

its been a while since i visited this site, so I had a hard time looking for the community section.. wyell, today i've found it on zone 6.. and what caught my eye is the 3rd rule.. 3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.. people who posts these stuff really disturbs me.. even though i don't know them.. its cool that this section wasn't just renamed.. sometimes its also awesome to accept changes because changes are always for the better.. :)

my dear album

i haven't grabbed a copy of it yet..
too busy with assignments and reportings..
but i'm gonna have it by saturday!!!
believe it or not, pirated copies are also already out here..
just so common in the phils..
i'm so excited to listen to it..
i'm gonna post my pictures with it next time..

my dear album
my dear album

i haven't grabbed a copy of the album yet..
but i'm gonna have it on saturday!!!
believe it or not, my friend already has a copy which is pirated..
but still he's gonna buy the genuine one..
i think he's just so excited but just out of money..
i'm gonna post my pictures with it next time..