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Aиηg31ITh4's blog

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Fly' & Oru'

My friends also call me "Harmful' Fly' " or simply "Fly",the other girl in the pictures is my charming and younger sister.Her friends call her "Oruwitah Toxika" or just "Oru' ",which means in English "Toxic Caterpillar".She likes MCR songs but she listens to most of the metal bands.However she enjoys listening to music with me :)

Do u think Gerard and I look alike?

I'm asking that cuz some of my friends from high school have told me that I'm Gerard's daughter....blah blah I don't think so,I mean Gerard is handsome,Bandit is so how could they have told me that?,yeah ,they're CRAZY,they're LOCOS !!

This is me!!! :)

I'm 19 now,but in this pictures I think I look like a twenty two-girl!!! OMG!!
This pictures are dedicated 4 all MYCHEM fans!!

Have a GREAT DAY,Killjoy!
Happy Birthday,Gee!!!! :')

As a fan of you,MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE,I perfectly know that today is Gerard's day :) !!!
I hope Gee has a really GREAT day with his family,obviously.My better wishes for all of you !!!