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Alissa White (THE AGONIST) is beautiful!

She is really beautiful,I don't have any complaint of her.Her voice is amazing,too.She is the vocal of the melodic deathmetal band: THE AGONIST :)

At the University

I'm so glad to study in the university Pedro Ruíz Gallo(Lambayeque-Peru), but the thing I wanna comlpain is my English teacher.She is tirant,arrogant,unfair and so on--She's a witch!!.I say that because there are many classmates that have never studied English before and they expected to learn the language in the university,but the teacher ignores them.The fact I study English at ICPNA(Cultural Peruvian-Northamerican Institute) doesn't mean I don't wanna share with them what I learn.Some of my friends that have studied that language and I are organizing an especial schedule that the others

Here,there are more looks :)
My old looks!! xD

All of those looks I had the last year and now I'm waiting for my hair gets longer in order to donate it for children with cancer--I mean,I'm gonna have my hair so short :)--and yeah,I think it would be a great idea if I donate my hair to help others and obviously I'd feel so good.

My charming beau ♥!!

My boyfriend is Sixto Coronel.I found this guy at my English lessons(ICPNA) in 2011.We were friends for almost 7 months.But,one night,I was chating with him,playing jokes at each other and suddenly-few days ago my friends and I planned to surprise him without telling him that we were going to meet in the same cycle at ICPNA at the same time-so when he asked me why I was so smiling the last day he came to visit us,I told him :"That's a secret...I'm not allowed to tell anyone"...but he insisted again and again,so I said:"Uh,yeah...Do u wanna know it?...well,they (my friends) know that I like

I want a kitty!!!

I had a nice kitty last year.Her name was Roxy.My sister and I loved her so much but my mother hated her!,everywhere she was,my mother shouted aloud and the kitty went out!
Poor,Roxy!! cuz one day she didn't come back any longer,I'm still thinking that was my mom's fault.Perhaps she took Roxy away from home.
Now,I strongly want a cat,I mean,it feels so good when exists a creature that can love u too without fucking and nasty personal interests.

Few days ago,I had a terrible dream.I dreamed 5 men was raping a blond-hair-girl(maybe she was on her twenties)...and when those brutal men finished their purpose,the blond girl started to remember all the happy episodes of her life(especially with her boyfriend),what got my attention was the song "Like suicide" appeared in my dream!.After that girl cried a lot,she wanted to prepare her suicide...I couldn't see more cuz I got up,honestly,I feel so terrified until now

My sister's beau !!

He's Victor Merino,my sister's boyfriend.He's very cool and loves rock ,especially Grunge.The bands he loves are:Nirvana,Rage Against the Machine,Deftones,Korn,Slipknot,Marilyn Manson,Metallika,10 Years,Pearl Jam,Skillet,LIVE,Limp Bizkit,Ramones,Linkin Park,While She Sleeps and so many more bands.He has his own band,actually,called "911",winning the prize of the Rock Star Competition in Chiclayo,Peru,2011.If they keep working hard I think they could be internationally recognized! Luck 4 them :)

Kurt Cobain...peruvian??

He's Ramiro Saavedra and sings like Kurt Cobain.Few days ago,he performanced in a tv program "YO SOY" (I AM) and surprised everybody!!!
Ramiro is 27(the same age that Kurt had when he died)!!!

Who do u listen to?

Actually,in my country,almost 90 % listen to folklore music,cumbia,balada and vals...and what about with the 15 o 10%?.That portion of people listen to foreign music like:Metal,Punk,Rapcore or Rap metal,Grunge,etc...I mean that portion really apreciate foreign bands like:Korn,Nirvana,Deftones,Iron Maiden,Metallica,Guns and Rose,Seether,Evanescence,Slipknot,Necropsya,Ramones,etc
For example,Limp Bizkit came to Peru last year,It's a very bad experience ...I feel so embarased for that,cuz the peruvians,who went to the Limp Bizkit concert,made the concert a disaster,they didn't love the music