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Oh God! I want it!!!! :D

As everybody knows this is the trailer of the Greatest Hits of My Chemical Romance. Whomever has already bought it (he/she) is lucky! :) I really miss the MCR guys :(

I'm not a fan of Nightwish but I wanna get a ticket for the concert on dec 7th!!!

I feel I'm in trouble now cause I like metal so much and I know that a station radio in my country (Peru) is giving tickets for the concert of Nightwish on december 7th in Lima.My sister got one and I wanna get one too!!!. The problem is money because I don't have enough money to go to Lima and I don't know where to stay in that city.My sister's boyfriend is gonna pay all for himself and my sister and...meeeee? no.Wish I had an angel!!! :O

The best and worst times ever...

I felt very sad when I finished to read Frank's blog, but everytime I want to listen to some music, I always start to listen to the first album of MCR and the other and the other until I say: "OK, no more,it's enough to face the world outside my world". I find mixed feelings in each My Chem song. So one thing I can say! I never imagined that I would feel involved in MCR songs...that's absolutely awesome...

Happy birthday, Mikey :)

This blog is for u, Mikey because I know u are one of the best bassist all over the world that I love. Since the first MCR video I watched,I knew u were especial.U are a gorgeous man.Have a great day,killjoy!! :) Good luck!

The Project Citizen!!! :$
I'm becoming crazy because of the Project!

My friends of ICPNA are doing a PROJECT CITIZEN in order to make a change in our society.We're gonna talk about Transgenic Foods on August 23rd at 6pm.I studied the topic but I feel nervous cuz my teacher told me who will be the members of the jury that day.I know that my friends and I are working hard.

I have a new kitty ;) !!!

I'm so happy to have another kitty to hug again.Yeah,it's similar to the one I had last year but this is the naughtiest I've ever had.Her name is Chabelita,and my sister and I are the only ones who make her outfits! :) She's so CUTE.....I love her.

Happy birthday,Ray!!! I know that was yesterday but I wanna make this :)

It's not that I forgot his birhtday but my university's classes are every weekend;I think 16 hours of classes,and I get so exhausted at the end of the day. Ray plays the guitar amazingly.When I listen to MCR songs I always recognize the way Ray plays the guitar in each song.Yeah,it's WONDERFUL. Good Luck for u,Ray!!!! ;)

Thank u very much.Now I'll be the only one who log on this account.My computer teacher has installed in the computer two Antivirus: one of them is PANDA and the other one --I think is Avast Antivirus,but yeah,since today I'll change some information about me(maybe some pics) in order to not be bothered again.

I'm so worry and I don't really know what is happening with my account

Oh my god! 10 minutes ago I've logged in my account.I'm so sorry with all of u because I read some comments u've written to me.Yeah,I think someone else has hacked me --I don't know exactly when this problem started--but I'm having troubles with my account(some days log in and some days I cannot).If some of u could help me,I'll thank u for the rest of my life.Oh,I've also noticed in my facebook account that a strange man "wants to be my friend".I'm not sure if he is becuase last year I argued with a boy that I supposed he was my friend but I'm so afraid of what has happened recently here.