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My grandma is awesome

She's buying and taking me to the weezer concert in October.....
shes so cool.. and 64 years old

umm. . .


Im sorry Jeff ~ and a few other things

Im sorry Jeff person in the mcr website thingy... im sure its not your fault... i was just angry, and im sorry....
Anyways.. I hate my stepdad... im going to run away because of him.... before im 18 because i cant take anymore.. me and a friend have it all worked out. And i know some (vary bad) people who will help us go through with it. It'll be kind of fun, because i gotta dye my hair and get colored contacts. And go ether reallllyy pale or supper tan. And maybe add or lose a few pounds..
oh gosh my heart is like

what the hell Jeff?!?!?!!!! (yes, im blaming you) :(

Yes i feel like bitching about the website.....
Okay would it kill ya to post something on here saying "We are redoing the website again, Your blogs will go poof, and be gone... AGAIN.... no worries though" But no :l Its making me kinda mad ya know, ive had a semi hard day so maybe thats why im over reacting, but still A LITTLE WARNING NEXT FUCKING TIME!
deep breaths...... just breath.....
okkay, ill leave now.... *mumbles* fucking jeff, . . .

If you guys missed me, Witch i doubt

I dyed my hair, yes i did! before i went to Disneyland. I had to beg my mom but in the end she said yes.
SO really non of you guys missed me?? oh well, im on face book a lot because im in a "killjoy" group and they are the best. But you are too!!
My great grandma died yesterday D:
So anyways.... Yup! Do you guys like my hair?????!!!!


SOOO today i had the audition for the Nutcracker. . . and i sucked D: The dancing was WWAYY to advance for me (it was so bad i face palmed once). But through blood, sweet and tears. . . i made it!! yes! This means im an ANGEL IN THE FUCKING NUTCRACKER!!!!
AHHHHHHH <3 <3 <3 Im soo happy right now :DDDD!!!!!!!!

I have a problem . . -__-

SO you know how were gonna make bright colorful signs for May 31st? Well i would LOVE to do that but i cant. -__- Why? because i'll be with my mom the whole day and most likely not be able to do it :( Please please please dont hate me. I'll make up for it this weekend, with my friend Skye. so yeah, im soooooooorrry. wow that really bumed my mood -_- D:

Haha my grandma is AWESOME! and she's only 62 years old :P

My aunt and GRANDMA are going to take me to see mcr when they start touring..... :DD haha my grandma.... oh yeah if they come to either San Francisco, LA or Bakersfield imma go.
This is the story. . .
I showed my aunt my Rancid ticket from a few months ago and she said ''oh ive never herd of them'' and i said ''I have there tot bag and scarf" and pulled a WTF face. so we laugh and we exchanged a few more words then she asked
"So whens My Chemical Romance comming to town?" My jaw dropped, but after a few seconds i told her that they NEVER come to Fresno, only San Francisco, LA or

thank you thank you thank you. (and random pictures)

so yesterday or so i posted a blog abut my uncle. And for those who commited on it thank you soo much. and for the girl i messaged thhhaannk youu for letting me open up. so anyways, i feel not as shitty...
so heres a picture of Gerards durp face as a present and my best friend who made my day.
annyy ways.
keep running and eat more cookies :D
(thank you thank you thank you)

Yes another blog about ballet.... sorry

Im tring out for the nutcracker.... And going to try out for the Intensive Ballet. i may get in but the teacher needs to know what level im at. I hope i dont really suck, some of the other girls will be wayyy better than me... but im going to do it anyways... power to the people!!
so vary short... and sorry maybe the picture can make up for it