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Words of wisdom from my mom :|

Never date a man who looks better in a dress than you.

might start blogging on a blog thing

im going to be starting pointe soon so i think i may wanna document it ya know. there arn't to many people who would read it but if someday i join a professional company someone like me, would like to read it.... this isn't making any sense, and thats why i dont start one. That and my friend has one, she's prima in a professional company :l I suck compared to her and most other girls.

Im so weird .-.

i love videos like this..... There creepy and after a while you feel insane

Jump scares D:

So im watching pewdiepie play slender and there are so many jump scares .... it doesn't help that my stepdad likes to scare me when ever he gets the chance.

YOu will cry like a baby!

So many tears. . . oh man, and when Pewdiepie started to cry... SO MANY FEELS!!!!

Does this make me suck?

I might be the only one but im just not feeling the songs off of Conventional weapons. I don't think there any good. I've listen to them but i donno know, i guess there just not my style or something. Im not the only one who feels this way right??

Christmas before Thanksgiving

Am i the only one who hates that? I mean, its not even thanksgiving yet and your'e already putting out fake trees.... Oh and CHRISTMAS MUSIC SHOULD NOT PLAY THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN!!!!
This really bugs me.... i have no idea why

There's an MCR poster in the background. . .

Sad thing is, it fits the song

Whoop Whoop ~(^_^)~

Im going to see CHEVELLE!!!!
My grandma is the best! She's paying for the concert, but i have to pay to get in the fair. Iv'e never beed to a concert alone before so im a little nervous. Is there any tips i should know before i go? Its my first rock concert, and im sure it wont be like the Rancid concert i went to.
Have lovely day you guys <3

how the fuck do you string a fucking guitar >:l

I have two acoustic guitars, and one of them needs to be restrung. my brother was teaching me, but since he's in South Carolina now, and im in California im kinda screwed. Just needed to get that off my chest.