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Hey Guys

I feel like this website is full of people who need someone tonlisten. I am willing to listen to what you have to say ( that sounded kind of creepy, it wasn't meant to be, sorry.) In fact I am one of those people who need someone to listen. My grandma, who I had lived with for seven years, passed away four years left me with anxiety and depression that I didn't know how to deal with. I still dont. All that I know is that MCR saved me, cheesey as that sounds. I had reached the bottom. I wanted death. And Gerard told me that death wasn't the answer.

Hello, fellow Black Parade Marchers and Killjoys!

Sorry for the cheesy title. If you're reading this, you are probably just as sad about the breakup as I am, even after, what is it, nearly six years? I just remembered that this website was a thing, and decided it was time to look it up. So here I am. I love MCR with my life, because MCR saved my life. Ugh, that sounded gross and cheesy, sorry. But it is the truth. I signed a deal with the emo devil, and now it owns me, because it saved me. Sorry again. I'm tired, if you couldn't tell. Bye, I guess.