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TheChemicalThrowAway's blog

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Morning Sadness

Goooood Morning, How was everyone's day yesterday? I thought I was working till 10 last night, but I worked till 11:23 instead. The biggest fog rolled in last night so I couldn't see while driving home. So I showed up to school today. We have this spirit week I saw someone with a black looking mask around there eyes and black and yellow scarf around his neck with a jacket.


Good Morning everyone well I hope it is. It's 8:26 am where I am right now. I just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone has a good day. I know there's a lot that can happen in a day, trust me anxiety never let's me not know, but let's ignore that. Today I work from 5-10 only five hours so it ain't bad. I'm gonna have updates like 2 or 3 times a day just so I could be here. This is the MCR website. It's basically everything to me now. We need MCR back but Gerard makes comic books now. I wanna read them really bad. Well that's it for now I'll see you all later :)


Can someone tell me how to send a friend request on here

My Intro

Hello, my name is David I saw gracebrunson19's (well Grace's) intro so I thought I should do one. Okay so, I go to highschool in Illinois. Life here for me has been twisted... While I was out looking for a way to get help I found Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance. I started to realize that someone understood me and I shouldn't lay there like I'm paralyzed. My longest relationship was a year and I'm kinda scared to get in another cause the physical and mental abuse she did to me.


Hi I'm new here but I've been listening to MCR for a long time now. I miss Gerard Way guys. He was so amazing