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Re-entry to the community

Hey guys, almost a year ago I posted saying I was going to military school, Well I'm back now, well kinda. I'm only gonna be around until I head out to basic training which is down in Georgia. SOOOOO yeah.. Plus I'm happy we are still getting new members here. Always glad to have someone join us.

Umbrella Academy

Did everyone see the the trailer for Umbrella academy, it's gonna be on netflix in February!!!


Well, it's been nice here, but February 2nd that's only 2 days away I'm leaving. Going to the military for 6 months. I'm gonna miss reading all these stories. I'll talk to you guys later.

Happy Holidays

Hey, How is everyone doing today? I got good news I'm working on a new single and I'm getting an electric guitar for Christmas. Today though I'm in the greatest mood ever when I woke up the first face I saw was my girlfriends :) First Album coming out soon called Covers and Styles it's gonna be good.


Finally got some practice in with the guitarist really happy now

Here at rage on you can create your own shirts.Well, I created the official band shirt for
POWER OVER PAIN feel free to check it out.

Band Update

So practice will happen in a garage but the first music video is gonna be shot inside an old mansion that's haunted and falling in. Can't wait to begin.


Hey guys sorry I haven't been on for a while things got really rough back at home and the school blocked this site from me. Missed you all.
I finally got a good start on my band I found a guitarist who can literally shred.
and for Christmas, my mom is getting me a Black Parade Jacket just like the ones in the video. Might even get a party poison one.


So I have good news while on the verge of extinction of myself i got the wonderful idea to start a band I have 4 out of 11 songs written for the first album called Valentine's Murder Spree and the band is called Power Over Pain. Pain is a normality something to get used to take it and turn it into power and use it to rise up and be amazing

Step towards being an adult

So last night i gave up everything to keep someone happy. I was told it was the adult thing after i did it too. the person who they lived with was making them if choose. if I was chose like they wanted, they would've lost their house, their best friend, just everything. That was an if. I told them "I love you but you can't chose me... I don't care if i'm not happy i'm keeping you safe i'm sorry" I know it was the right choice but I literally just broke into tears cause i was holding it in so much. So from 7pm to 11 am was how long it took for me to lose it...