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Falling again

Hey. I don't know what happens know. My mind is all messed up and I starting to fall into the big dark hole of depression. I can't hide it anymore and my mom thinks I'm in a bad humor all the day. I can't explain it to her because she will think is bullshit. Then she and my father are having trouble. They shout and I'm the only one who realize it, 'cause my sis. is never at home. I'm afraid. I don't know of what' but I'm afraid. And I don't know how they would react if I ever told 'em how I'm feeling 'bout this situation.

The most weird "dream"

Yesterday I was sleeping, when I kinda woke up. So I saw my sister going into the bathroom, and coming into my room. Then she went out. But she wasn't home. She was at a party. Then I saw something, like a shadow with a little knife, then that thing tried to kill me. I opened my eyes, and the shadow with the little knife slowly disappear. I was hardly breathing and sweating. I hallucinate things at night, (it's a mental problem I have), but this is the weirdest so far. I have never seen that something tried to kill me.

Amm... Too late for this but well...

1. I watch Fairy God Parents
2. I have Dora the Explorer socks (that’s embarrassing :b)
3. I have High School Musical CDs
1. I take serious the choices I make
2. I can’t take my sister’s shit
3. I don’t have Barbies anymore :b
1. Play guitar
2. Make a 3,000 pieces puzzle
3. Travel to the Moon :D
1. I don’t like make up nor dresses
2. I like wrestling
3. I have the strength of a boy
1. I like to buy nail polish (very weird for

This LONG music challenge

This is a very LONG music challenge. This made me think a lot... I took this challenge originally from Blood'y Revenge's blog. Here we go...
1: Top 10 favorite songs of all time: Demolition Lovers (MCR), Radio Gaga(Queen), Human Nature(MJ), CrushCrushCrush(Paramore), Sweet child o mine(Guns n Roses), Here comes the sun(The Beatles), Knives and pens( Black Veil Brides), 1000 million light-years away(Amaranthe), Smells like teen spirit(Nirvanna), Beat it(MJ).
2: Top 10 favorite songs at the moment: Vampires will never hurt you(MCR), Bittersweet Symphony(The Verb), Love never felt so good(MJ),

Working day

Today I finished school (finally) and I'm moving out to other city. Today I have to start packing my room. It's interesting to kinda "clean" you room. I took off my posters and just without them, my room looks really empty. I have to choose JUST 20 books out of millions I have, 'cause my dad's house it's really little (more little than "the annex" from Anne Frank). I love books and I don't know wich books I have to choose. I think I will take Stephen King's books (I love them).
So... I think that's all
How has been your day?

Great :|

Today, wasn't a good day. My last day at school, the last hour, was like a nightmare. The friend of the boy that proposed me to be his girlfriend (I said no by the way)told me that the boy was planing to give me a kiss. So, what's the problem? First, I don't like the boy. he is incredibly not nice. Second, all my class and other second graders classes knew about it. When he told me to go with him for a while, I was thinking "bollocks, his friend wasn't joking". He told me "I'm going to miss you" (I'm moving to another city) and he gave me a kiss.

Lets try it. Life Soundtrack

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question below, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the nextbutton
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool …

Opening Credits:
Bad-Michael Jackson

First Day At School:
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Falling In Love :

Breaking Up:
Helena-My Chemical Romance

New Born-Muse

Mental Breakdown:
Dead!- My Chemical Romance

Knives and Pens- Black Veil Brides

Getting Back Together:
Let Down- Radiohead

Wedding Scene:
About a

Nice day...

Today... wasn't a very good one. My mood was terrible. I didn't feel like doing anything. I just sat at the classroom and did anything else. Everyone was like "She's just sleepy" but I wasn't sleepy. Things at home are getting hard and I'm feeling terrible for some reason I don't know. I arrived home and I had an awful headache. My mom told me to drink a pill. My sisiter didn't looked at me. I haven't seen my mom in all day.
Today is my sister's prom. I don't feel like going to a party, but well, she's my sister.
Now I'm waiting for someone to ask me what happens.

I found this :)

Just... watch it, it's so... aaaaaaa :)


Well, today anything went very well...
I just realized why my friend didn't want to eat anything. She thinks she's fat...
I asked her why she didn't wanted to eat anything and she told me she was sick, and she is arfaid food will make her sick again. Later I realized she drank more water than food. Then she told me what she was realy afraid of. She told she was afraid of becoming anorexic. Then I just stayed like this ._. I didn't knew what to say. Now I really need to help her throught this, 'cause she helped me when I felt really depressed,now I don't know what to do.