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Me :)

That's really my face! Thats the "best" picture I have so... Yeah, just wanted to share it


This is my last story of my literature proyect and it must be a LONG story so I leave you with the first really short part of the starting. Please tell me if you like or nit, its important to me, thanks :)


When I woke up this morning, I was real. I could see, hear and feel. I knew what my feelings were, and what things were wrong. I never believed in ghosts or monsters, but I liked all terror things. I didn't knew, that the monster that I'm now, could be real.

Everything started when I moved to Bristol. I was new In the town, didn't knew anybody and liked the climate. Cold, just as my soul.
I got down from the car and saw our big house at the middle of nowhere. Near a big tree, a swing was resting, waiting for someone to sit down on it. Our house was color red, it had two floors, one front door, one back door, three windows and a rooster on the roof. Nice, big house. Maybe full of mysteries.

Baby proyect

I have this baby proyect in wich I take care of a plastic baby. We have to buy thing that are necessary for a reall baby such as clothes and all that. My baby's name is Tony. What do you think about the proyect¿


I have a nice drawing with my face at the middle and a lot of words that are around my head. Words such as depressed, bisexual, parents, disappointment, strange, far away, alone, bollocks, shut up, not a way out, defenetly a way out, fu*k off, come back, friends, happiness?, love?, and the list goes on and on... I put new words when I feel like it, I dont know if you can see the image, there are problems on my uploadings... Anyway this helps me to kind of fix my mind when I'm confused so... It's a god method, what do you think?


So today someone asked me for my definition of normal and I said that it was when people care about others, people that can express themselves with security of no bullying. People that don't do usual and every day activities. Special people.
So I wanted to know... What's YOUR definition of someone that is "normal"


I wake up in a world full of hate and madness. I simply dont know what else to do here. Sometimes I feel like nothing in this world is right. There's no light of hope, we can't feel anything, not happines nor love. Everything we think we new is lost and truth come to hit us right in the face and tell us to wake from our sleep and see the world as it is. I can't feel nothing but emptiness and fear. There's no space for more.

Short stories part 2

I'm part of a writing project in wich I make short stories, this one is number two, and it has nothing to do with number one, hope you like it :)

Just wait
I was sitting alone in my favourite bench at the park when an old man came and sat down. I stared at him and said nothing, when he started talking with his deep voice.
"I have to tell it to someone. I have to tell you my curse before something happens. But do me a favour, tell this to an authority in case something really bad happens."
"Amm ok" I answered a little nervous " but why me¿"
"I was really young back then" he continued talking, like a if he was under a spell, drown in a deep sleep. " It was in the summer. I was playing in my favourite woods near my house at the farm. Suddenly it got dark, but it was only 4:00 pm. I look all around and didn't recognize were I was. All I could see was trees and more trees, there was no way out."

Short stories

I will try to write a short story every day for my final literature project so here is the first one, hope you enjoy it
Sorry if I have spellibg mistakes, I'm translating :b

The Voice
One night I was on my bed, trying to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be the first day of school and I couldnt stop thinking about lots of things that were going through my mind. I just lost a great friendship and I lost the only person who loved me, but he was so coward that he couldnt tell me and I knew it because someone else told me... But that's another story.
In the morning I dressed with my favourite shirt and jeans with my old converse. I had my normal fight with mom cause she doesnt like my style and got into the bus.
I arrived to school as the "new one". No one had the intention to talk to me, but who would like to speak to a sad looking 16-year old girl who seemed to see no one?

Mother war

So I was playing this game named Escape the house revenge and I saw this "scary ghost" that looked exactly as Mother war, with a creepy face, what do you think?

Best class ever

Today I had singing classes and I'm really happy with it, not just because they teach you respiration stuff and all that, its because today we had a "trust circle" and we told stories that made some effect on us. I told lots of stories, 'bout my depression and all the sh*ts I had in my mind and ended up crying because I needed to. My mind is totally free now because that's all I needed. Someone who really listen and care about me. I ended crying because I couldn't handle the idea of lose everything I've got ya know? The teacher and my classmates (now friends) were really impresed. They told me I seem to be a normal girl, without any problem, and they were happpy 'cause I was happy. And a lot of my friends are passing hard times too, and I will help them as many as you did. That's all I wanted to say :) good night