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In the Flesh

Hey :)
I saw a serie called In the Flesh and I can't stop watching it because it's really good! So I was wondering if any of you guys know it...if not which is your favorite serie?

Christmas presents

Hey :)
Did you enjoyed your Christmas? I didn't like mine a lot, but I was really happy with the presents haha. I got the Umbrella Academy comics, a book, chocolates and a pedal for the Guitar Hero.
What did you got for christmas? :)

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Christmas / Happy

Hey!!! I haven't post in so many time!!! I'm really happy the community is back....I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and to welcome every new Killjoy.

Is MCRmy dying?

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I'm really sad because I see a lot of blogs and, well, there are no coments anymore. When I just entered, this site was like really fu**ing awesome, I felt like I could say what I wanted and no one would make a critic about me. What happened with all the comunication? I met a lot of nice people and I want to keep in touch with them. Do you want to keep the MCRmy alive? Leave a coment of what you think :)


Hey guys! I've miss you all and I miss MCR too. So ca someone tell me how does talk MCRmy works? Thanks :)


I'm invisible at the school. I just knew it.
I was on my chair,when the bell for going out, rang. I was about to go out, when the teacher locked the door.
Didn't she saw me?! I was over there! And she locked the door in my fu*king face!
I knocked the door really hard until someone (not the teacher) appeared to open the door.
Then I remember the event and is kinda funny, but... Not sooo funny in that moment.

This happened.. Again

So I was at school and someone asked me
"Do you like someone from the school?"
And I said no, she asked me if I had boyfriend and I said:
"I have a girlfriend"
You should have seen her face. Her expression turned less soft and asked with a pathetic homophobic accent
"Are you bi?, that's weird... You ARE weird"
I said
"Yeah, you've got a problem with that?" Trying to sound normal...
She did'nt answered and walked away.
Fuc*k with her.
Why are people so closed?

The Shining

Ok so I'm going to talk about Stephen King's The Shining. I will compare the movie with the book. This may contain SPOILERS.
So I just finished reading The Shining, and it was AWESOME. All the details about the hotel in the book, the familiar problems, the terror it causes... it's perfect.
But when the things start to get bad, Jack, the father, goes crazy and tries to kill his family.
The movie was good, it's a horror classic, but there are lots of differences, specially on the end.
First, on the book, Jack tried to kill his family with a roque mallet, on the movie he uses an ax
Wendy never uses a bat to deffend herself, she just uses a kinfe
When Wendy gets to the bathroom, she's almost dying
The classic phrases "Here's Jonnhy!" And "Wendy, I'm home" are never mentioned on the book.
The twins that Danny finds on the hall doesn't appear in the book.
In the book, Jack dies on a explosion, on the movie he dies freezing.

I like & I dont like

I made this SHORT video for French class ft. MCR's Mama instrumental, hope you like it :)