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The Black Parade

Hi! I'm listening The Black Parade album and I was wondering...
Which is your favourite song of the album?
I like Welcome to the Black Parade, Mama,Disenchanted, and Cancer, their message is like so deep.


Hello every one,alguien habla español?
Someone speaks Spanish?


Who likes to read?
I love to read, specially Stephen King's books, they are awesome!

The umbrellla academy

I'm so exited!
I heard about a project of Universal Studios.
The project it´s about bringing to the movie theaters the movie "The umbrella academy" based on a comic written by Gerard Way:D
I just finish reading all the series and the story it´s so cool, just as the Killjoys one
The movie will be launched on 2016 wooooo!

Things about MCR

I dont know why the video it´s called "Four things you never wanted to know about MCR" Its such a stupid title for this amazing video.
I liked it a lot especially the things Bob and Frank joke about XD.
I just love it.


I like the revenge era.
Someone else thinks like me?


Look at all that pain