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MarianaMCR's blog

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My Umbrellla Academy page

I'm making one page about the umbrella academy. It's a proyect from my school and I'm still learning to do a page, so it's still very strange. Please tell me your opinion about it or some advices for me to make a better page.
Thanks :)

On the spot questions

I love this video. I liked that everyone is like "dog" and then bob is like "cat" it's just very funny.
"Hell yeah chemical"

Killed so many plants

I was seeing life on the murder scene (again).So I reached the part where Gerard "killed so many plants"
That was funny although he was drunk XD


Ok here's the problem. I want to send a friend request and I can't. I don't know if I'm doing it right or not. Can anyone please tell me how to send it?. I'm new at these so you would really make me a big favor.
Thanks :)


Today I had a visit from my cousins. I was talking to one of them and suddenly she told me that I must stop hearing MCR. I looked her very surprised and ask the reason. She told me three:
1)They are emos
2)They don't give you any message
3)Their music sucks
So then I smiled to her and went away before I started shouting to her in front of my family.

The End

I was really sad on the last part. I was about to cry. It's very sad seeing the ending when they are not together anymore.


OK. Today we went to the supermarket to buy some stuff and when we were walking, one dude hiss to my older sister and look her up and down. I was so freaked out and I just wanted to punch that dude directly in his fucking face. When I pass I look him directly on his eyes and I was so full of anger that I was all red. He looked back and I saw he was laughing inside.
I don't know why I feel like I have to protect my sister from anyone or anything, maybe because my father It´s not with us, or because I'm stronger than her or I don´t know why,but I'm tired of this.


I like to draw a lot , so I just thought why not to try drawing the CD cover from Revenge or The Black Parade, so I just tried it and this was the result. I liked it, and I think that with the time I will get to be better so I would like to see what you think about it.


Hello everyone. Today I was on my class drawing the Black Parde Soldier, so one dude saw it and said, "what are you drawing" and I told him "Its the black parade soldier, the one of the black parade album from mcr" and he told me he had the album. So I was like does he know mcr? and I ask him "do you like the song mama? and he told me it was the better one. So I told him "It goes like this right? and then I started singing Disenchanted and he was like "yes it goes exactly like that" and my face was like ._.

MCR helped me again :)

I had been feeling shitty today. Since i woke up I felt sad and I don't even know why.Then I was just telling the story about my family to some friends. My father is not with us. So I said that frase and then I burst into tears. I didn't expected to cry but, well I did. Then I go home and go to my room. I just like looked all around and didn´t do anything. Then I just listen MCR and that cheer me up,but I still feel shitty.