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I was seeing Planetary Go! video and In one comment one dude put:
"I miss the old MCR, when they were cool and the sound of guitars was good, not as this shit, this is not rock anymore and definitely this is not MCR".
My face was like ._.
Then I though that MCR eras are depending on their feelings. They were happier on Danger Days and their songs reflect that. On Revenge they were full of anger and their songs reflect that.
I'm I right or someone thinks different?

1 year

I loved this picture. It's true, we survived.


Let's give MCR the most dangerous applause for being the most dangeerous band in the world.
I miss them :(

Fake your death

I choose defeat, I walk away,
And leave this place the same today.
Some like to sleep, we like to play,
Just look at all that PAIN.
I miss them :'(

Carry on

One day like this, March 22 My Chemical Romance announced their break up. I still remember how I felt, because I can feel it right now. I remember the pain and the sadness that this news caused me.
And then I thought that they were gone. All of us feel sad right now and remember this day with pain, but we must think that although they are gone, they left a message that we must remember. Carry on, don´t give up, don't take anybody's shit, never let them take you alive, and many others.
I'm sad, but I know that nothing last forever although I wanted to.
We will never forget the heroes that


That awkward moment when you feel jealous of the cheerleaders.

Welcome to the Black Parade

So This is the Balck Parade cover. It's not as good as I expected, but it's not bad at all.
If you think it's bad or good tell me. I will not ofend.
Thanks :)


So today I put one picture of my dog because I´m greatful for my dog. For those who didn´t see the first gratitude message I'm going to explain it. I have to upload pictures for 30 days about gratitude. That's the activity about.

Just... this

I dont know... I was bored at class and I did this.


So I have to make a school project. For 30 days we have to upload some pictures to say we are grateful for something so this is my first picture.
I'm grateful for my music