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MarianaMCR's blog

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Hey how are you? I'm a little bored
I got a kik Mariana MCR and I also have Tumblr losjuegosdelvago (it's in Spanish and well, its a very strange name) I used to have snapchat but now my sis. use it.
Good night :)

They told me to write about it so....

Hey what´s up? Today at school I was asked to write about how I feel sometimes and this was the result. When I finished it, my schoolmates were like ._. 'cause I have always showed myself as someone who is always happy, but sometimes we have to hide our real feelings.
It's not living- by MH
If ever in my life I felt alone, I now feel more alone than ever. In my mind spring nonsensical ideas, obscure and strange. All around me gets dark and people seem not to notice. I see my hands, then I look forward.

The Black Parade

This cover is by me. I know I uploaded already, but the other one was just the music. This is the correct one. I hope you like it and please tell me if you liked or any mistake I had, I will not offend. :)

Coming soon...

Hello everybody. For homework I had to do a top 10 songs of my fav. band. I did it and now, I will make a top 10 video for proyect on my computer class. So when I finally get the result I will upload it. I hope it goes well...


So yesterday I walked in to the mall and went directly to Mixup (music store) My heart was beating so fast, I didn´t see it anywere.... I looked and then I saw an entire column for them, they were almost over... I walked directly to that column and take one My Death Never Stop You CD. I was so exited, I wanted to jump all around the store...
I came home and put the DVD and listened the CD.
I was in heaven
(I'm so dramatic jaja)

Did you know...?

Maybe some of you already know this, but I just read that Gerard is alergic to cats :) I didn't knew it and the thing is that I used to have a cat, but my mom sold it because I used to sneeze a lot. I am alergic to cats too.
P.D: The cat on the image is Pet Sematary cat, from the book of Stephen King. I love Stephen King's books <3

Who likes...?

Hi everyone, I have a friend who likes Anime, and I was wondering who likes anime? and which one?
Thanks :)


Hi. Here's a cover of the song Como la flor of Selena. It's a song in Spanish, but I hope you like it. It's kind of a cumbia.

This... girl?

I just draw this. Is the closest thing to a human/cartoon. Maybe with the time I will get beter. This is just the starting. What do you think from it?


Hi, I need some help. On my music class, the teacher asked us one top 10 about our fav. band.
I was making it, but I'm a little indecisive about what songs I have to put on the list. It's a little hard. Can you help me? Later I will put the list with the top ten songs.