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All prayers to Mike Dirnt's (Green Day bassist) wife!!!!!

I hope that she will get well soon !!!!

Stay Strong Darling <3

I know that you will beath this fucking illness.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so funny ^^

New song of LP

Love the new song :)

Until it's gone :)

Feeling so sad :(

The chihuahua from a friend of mine died... :( got hit by a car :(
The door wasn't even on the street...just his head a bit and the drive came so fast and hit the dog's head :(

I HATE SPIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hate these monsters............

Yesterday, there was a big fat black/brown spider on my wall in my room..... :O
I was shocked and didn't know what to do...I breathed faster and faster.....

I took a shoe and killed this monster......(the funny wall is white XD)

30STM Bright Lights

I love this song and the lyrics video to it <3

Just find out what happened to Chester Bennington (LP)...

in his childhood :/

this makes me so sad :(

poor guy

Happy Birthday Gerard Way <3

Happy Birthday to this awesome and amazing guy :)
Hope that you will never stop singing and doing music

love you <3

I watched the DVD :D

I really like the DVD, it's great and interesting :)

For those who already saw the DVD:

Have you seen Gee was bleeding during Famous Last Words? XD

I like the new album

I listened to it today and I like it :)

I really love the song Fake your Death <3