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Miss some Killjoys here :(

I wrote with some Killjoys here...but they haven't answer me yet....since a long time :(

I'm REALLY worried....I hope they are okay :(

Love Frank's new video

it is absolutly amazing <3

Happy MCR DAY to everyone !!!!! <3
I'm a part of this <3 <3

OMG!!!!! His face <3 so awesome ^^

30STM gig was amazing !!!!!!!!!!1

Yesterday I was at the Rock-A-Field (festival in Luxembourg XD ) and 30STM was there :D
It was amazing!!!! <3 they are so amazing live <3 <3
Awesome <3

Common guys...I'm going to loose..... :'(

Please I need all of you
When you have Facebook....please click on the link and like my picture

it's a contest and the one with the most like will win...and I'm going to loose when you don't help me.....please

it would mean a lot for me

I need you.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much <3


Can you please like this link (when you have Facebook) ? :)
It would mean a lot for me :)

Thank you very much <3

LP are gonna do a break!!!! :/

after the tour in october.....because of Stone Temple Pilots......

It's not know :( they just started their tour...don't have a lot of dates and I'm waiting for new annoucement...and BAM!!! they will do a break.......

Frank Iero...American Idiot

He will sing Extraordinary Girl :D
I'm exited to hear the song :D

Frank will sing on the tribute album of American Idiot!!!!

I'm so happy that he wil sing a song on it :D